30 examples of automatic reply messages for (almost) every occasion (2023)

30 examples of automatic reply messages for (almost) every occasion (1)

Quick answers can mean the difference between customer acquisition and loss. Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

You spend the day ironing out final design details⚙️for a client's new home and reviewing another construction project in progress🔨.You only have the opportunity to check your e-mails around 6 p.m.🕕When you do this, you realize that someone has reached out to you with a question🙋about booking a design consultation☎️.When you reply, you realize that they have booked🤝a consultation with your competitor because they did not hear from you quickly enough.😓

This way you don't have to lose any business. You may not be able to respond immediately, but GoCRM can with text messages and emails customized for each situation and ready for any lead that contacts you by phone, email or form.

Benefits of auto reply

30 examples of automatic reply messages for (almost) every occasion (2)

Key Benefits of Automatic Reply Messages.

Responding personally to every communication might seem like the best way to do business, but the reality is that automated replies offer something to you and your leadsmany advantages. Auto replies not only allow you to reply immediately, but also:

✔️Give security

People who contact your company expect to hear from you quickly. They often expect to hear from you the same business day.

If you take too long to respond, they probably assume you're not interested in their needs. You can switch to your competitor. They will have lost their trust and their business.

Auto-reply messages prevent these misunderstandings by offering prompt replies that let people know when they can reply.

When they get quick and useful auto replies,People feel valued, cared for and important. This helps them maintain a positive view of your business.

✔️Provide further instructions

You can also use auto-reply to offer additional resources and share important information with people inside and outside your organization.

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Providing further direction in this way keeps people connected to your business until you can reply to them personally.

Here are some examples of useful information to include in an auto-reply body or email:

  • Inform customers when a technician is on the way
  • Requesting a review after a completed job
  • Providing contact information for someone who can speak to them immediately
  • Direct customers and leads to online information they might find useful
  • Promotion of upcoming events
✔️Take a break

No matter how committed you are to your business and your customers, you can't always be available to reply to messages. You need time off and you need time to focus on other aspects of your work.

Automatic replies make this time-out possible. You can get things done outside of the office, take vacations, or even spend the evening at home while providing colleagues, clients, and leads with the information they need until you return.

Automatic Response Principles

30 examples of automatic reply messages for (almost) every occasion (3)

The best auto replies contain certain elements that allow them to communicateclear, professional and meaningful. Here are the key principles to follow when composing an auto reply.

The plan

Create your auto replies ahead of time so you have time to tailor them to your liking before having to send them out.


Make sure your auto-reply is free of spelling and grammatical errors, has a friendly and professional tone, and is easy to understand.

Include clear dates

When submitting data, use specific information that cannot be misunderstood. e.g. "Oct-8" instead of "10-08".

Provide a timeline

Use your automatic reply to let your lead, client or colleague know when they expect to hear from you.

Include other contacts

Add contact information for who your colleague, lead, or client can contact if you're unavailable.

Add relevant links

Include any links that will be useful to the people who are reaching out to you.

Provide emergency contact information

You may also want to provide a way for others to contact you in an emergency.

Automatic Response Scenarios + Examples

To get you started, here are 15 scenarios with examples where auto replies can help. You can use these examples as is, customize them for your business and industry, or use them as inspiration for your own auto reply messages.

Generic auto reply

The generic auto reply is a message you send to reassure a contact that you have received their message and will be in touch shortly. You can provide your hours of operation, a link for more information, or a timeframe for your response.

Thank you for reaching out to {company name}. We have received your message and will be in touch with {Time Frame}.

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Copy to clipboard

Thank you for contacting us! We'll be in touch shortly, but you may find answers to some of your questions on our FAQ page at {link}.

Copy to clipboard

We look forward to you! We will get back to you as soon as possible within our business hours {Hours}, but at the latest within 24 hours.

Copy to clipboard

Thank you for contacting us here at {company name}. We will be in touch soon. We look forward to serving you.

Copy to clipboard

Hi! We just wanted to let you know that we have received your message and will be in touch before our offices close at {Closing Time}.

Copy to clipboard

We were delighted to receive your email. Helping you is our priority and that is why a member of our support team will be in touch with you before close of business today.

Copy to clipboard

Thank you for your inquiry about {Listing or Product}. We will contact you in less than an hour to answer your questions. Feel free to view similar {offers or products} here {link}.

Copy to clipboard

We are sorry to see that your experience with us was not satisfactory. We want the opportunity to make things right. Our team will review your complaint and get back to you within the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, please enjoy this 10 percent discount coupon.

Copy to clipboard

Learn how to set up an automaticIntroductory SMSwith GoCRM.

Thanks for the visit

This example auto-reply is an opportunity to thank a site visitor for visiting your site. You can also use this message to encourage them to come back and learn more or to buy from your business.

Thank you for contacting us through the website. We can't wait to show you all we have to offer. A member of our team will be in touch shortly, but please take the opportunity to learn more about us here: {link}.

Copy to clipboard

Thank you for visiting our website. We are sad to see you go. Take advantage of this 20% off coupon on everything in our inventory on your next visit.

Copy to clipboard

Missed call

If you can't answer an incoming call, you can still use GoCRM to answer it automatically. Use a separate reply for people who are already in your contact list and for new callers.

Example of existing contacts

Hello [customer name]! This is your name}. I'm sorry I missed your call. I will notify you as soon as I can. You can also book an appointment online here {link} if that is easier for you. I look forward to speaking with you!

Copy to clipboard
Example of a new caller

Hello, this is {Your Name} from {Your Business}. I'm sorry I missed your call, but I'll get back to you at the end of the business day. You can also make an appointment here {link} or visit our website for more information {link}. Thank you very much!

Copy to clipboard

Welcome new customers

When one of your leads becomes a paying customer, it's time to show them your appreciation and make the transition as easy as possible.

If you can't communicate with new customers right away, you can use automatic replies instead. Here are some examples of automatic welcome messages that will make new customers feel at home.

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Thank you for your recent purchase! Remember, we're here to answer any questions you may have when using your new product. Simply contact us here {contact information}.

Copy to clipboard

Welcome to {Company}! As one of us, you'll enjoy some pretty sweet perks. Check them out here {link} and don't forget to brag a little on social media. Use our hashtag {hashtag}.

Copy to clipboard

Thank you for your interest in working with {Business}. {Name of contact} will be in touch by close of business today to set up an appointment to discuss the exciting opportunities a partnership could offer!

Copy to clipboard

Learn how to aneuer Lead-Autoresponderwith GoCRM.

service maintenance

Use automatic replies to stay in close communication with customers who need maintenance services from your company. Let them know you've received their request for help, give them a time frame for repairs, and notify them when a technician is on the way.

Thank you for your service request. We've opened a ticket on your behalf and one of our technicians will get back to you within the hour.

Copy to clipboard

We would like to inform you that we are experiencing some service slowdowns due to scheduled maintenance. We assume that we can go back to normal work tomorrow at noon.

Copy to clipboard

Good news! Our technician {name} is on his way to you and will be there within the hour. Call {contact} if you have any questions or concerns.

Copy to clipboard

Too many messages

If you've been on the go and come back to hundreds of messages, or if that social media initiative goes viral, you may receive more messages than you can handle at once. Use auto reply to keep in touch with others while staying in the loop.

Thank you for contacting {Business}. Due to an unusual level of activity, responses are delayed. We expect to respond to your message within three business days. In the meantime, if you have any urgent needs or inquiries, please feel free to contact {Contact}.

Copy to clipboard

Don't check email very often

If you don't check your email every day, you should also use automatic replies to let people know how to get in touch with you faster and set expectations for replies from you.

Thank you for your email. I will be able to reply to your message when I check my email on Wednesday. Alternatively, you can reach me at {alternative contact information} and I will get back to you within 24 hours}.

Copy to clipboard

out-of-office notes

When you're out of the office, you need to leave an automated reply letting customers know when you'll be back and giving them a chance to contact other members of your team or get in touch with you in an emergency.

Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office from {date} to {date} and will reply to your email after that. If urgent, please contact {Contact}. In case of an emergency, you can reach me at {Emergency Contact}. Thank you for your understanding!

Copy to clipboard

Learn how to set up an out of office replyAutomatic SMS replywith GoCRM.

Out of the office with lead generation

You can also use your out-of-office replies to generate leads while you're away. Here are some examplesstimulate actionby those trying to contact you while you are employed.

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I'm sorry I missed your email. I am currently out of the office until {date}. I will get back to you as soon as possible after my return, or you can contact {Contact}. Have you heard about our new {Product} in the meantime? Check it out here {link}.

Copy to clipboard
Outside the office with content promotion

If your company produces incredible content (and it should!), then direct contacts to that material with out-of-office replies.

Thank you for your email. I'm currently out of the office and will be back on {Date}. I look forward to getting in touch with you then. In the meantime, check out our latest blog on {Topic}. I think it will give you some great tips to improve your next building project.

Copy to clipboard

Thank you for your email. I'm currently out of the office and will be back on {Date}. Then I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, you can find out more about how the various types of construction financing work and the current interest rate situation in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe for FREE here {link}.

Copy to clipboard
Away from the office for a conference or business trip

If you're out of the office on a business trip to a specific area or for a conference, you can use your auto-reply to encourage people there to contact you. The right auto reply can help you grow your network and maybe help you personally nurture some new leads!

Thank you for your email! I am currently attending {conference} at {location}. If you're with me, I'd love to network. Please contact me on {Phone Number} or visit our booth {Booth Information}. We can even connect via social media (Twitter handle and Facebook page). I look forward to talking to you!

Copy to clipboard

After hours

If people contact you outside of business hours, you can still get in touch with them through automated replies. Just let them know you'll be in touch with them personally once the office reopens.

Hello, Thank you for contacting {company name}. We are currently out of the office but will be back on Monday and ready to reply to you.

Copy to clipboard

Hi! Thank you for your interest in {Business}. Our opening hours are {Hours of Operation}. We'll let you know when we're open again, or you can contact us again at that time.

Copy to clipboard

transaction texts

Sometimes you need to use auto-reply to communicate important information to consumers. Here are some examples of times when automatic replies can be useful and time-saving communication methods.

appointment reminder

Hello {customer name}. We just want to remind you of your appointment with us tomorrow with {Name} in {Address} at {Time}.

Copy to clipboard

Hello {name}. Thank you for subscribing to {name of selected service}. Please confirm your opt-in decision by replying Y to confirm or STOP to unsubscribe.

Copy to clipboard

Hello {name}. We just want to inform you that your order will be ready by {Time}. If you have any questions, please write back. You can change your order up until the {change date}.

Copy to clipboard

As you can see, automatic replies are a powerful way to keep in touch with contacts even when you can't reply to them personally.

With GoCRM, you can create and implement these automated responses, personalize them for customer names and specific scenarios, and see an improvement in your level of engagement with leads and customers as a result. Let us show you how GoCRM can make a difference for you, andArrange a free demoToday!


What is a good automatic reply message? ›

Professional Auto Reply Examples

Please leave a message and I will get back to you by the end of the business day. If it is an urgent matter, please contact _________. Hello, You have reached the office of _________. We received your message and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Which is the example of automated messages? ›

Here are common examples of automated messages received by customers. “We will get in touch with you very soon”. “Thank you for reaching out to us”. “Our representative we contact you ASAP”.

What is an example of an auto email response? ›

Thanks so much for reaching out! This auto-reply is just to let you know… We received your email and will get back to you with a (human) response as soon as possible. During [business_hours] that's usually within a couple of hours.

What are the best out of office responses? ›

Simple Out of Office Message Examples

Thank you for your message. I will be away from the office until [return date] for [general reason]. If you require immediate assistance, please contact [name of colleague] at [colleague's contact information]. Otherwise, I'll get back to you after I return.

What is an example of an out of office message? ›

If you need to send an out-of-office autoresponder message while you're away on vacation or otherwise unavailable, here is an example: This is an office autoresponder email message as I am unavailable and not checking email. I will respond to your email when I return to the office.

What is the best out of office message for one day? ›

Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office from (day/month) to (day/month) and will have limited access to email. If you have any urgent questions, please contact [Name] at [email] or [phone]. I will do my best to reply to your email as soon as I can.

Can you give an example of an automated system? ›

Common examples include household thermostats controlling boilers, the earliest automatic telephone switchboards, electronic navigation systems, or the most advanced algorithms behind self-driving cars.

What are automatic responses? ›

Automated email responses are software-generated pre-designated replies for specific kinds of incoming messages. Automatic replies can also act as a confirmation to the sender that their email is received.

How do you write a quick response email sample? ›

If something is urgent, use the following expressions: “As this matter is urgent, I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.” “I would be grateful for your prompt reply.” “I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.”

How do you write a good customer service auto-reply email? ›

Anatomy Of Great Auto-Reply Customer Service Emails
  1. Acknowledge that the request was received. ...
  2. Make it clear when the customer can expect a response and from whom. ...
  3. Offer an alternative for more immediate support, if it's an option. ...
  4. Add links to relevant help articles or other ways they can self-troubleshoot.
Aug 16, 2017

Is email an example of instant messaging? ›

Instant messaging differs from email in the immediacy of the message exchange. IM also tends to be session-based, having a start and an end. Because IM is intended to mimic in-person conversations, individual messages are often brief. Email, on the other hand, usually reflects a longer-form, letter writing style.

What is a short and simple out of office message? ›

Simple out of office message

I'm going to be out of the office from [date] to [date], and during this time, will have limited access to email. If your message is urgent, please contact [alternative contact information]. Otherwise, I'll respond to your email as soon as I can when I return.

How do you thank someone for contacting us auto-reply? ›

General Auto-Reply Texts

Thank you for reaching out to [Business Name]. We have received your message and will be in touch within [Time Frame]. Hi there! We just wanted to let you know we received your message and will be in touch before our offices close at [Closing Time].

Which is an example of an automated process? ›

Common processes to be automated include invoicing, sales orders, accounting reconciliation, data entry, system queries, payroll, employee or vendor on-boarding, or staff terminations. A typical example of when process automation could be hugely beneficial is in a service company.

What are examples of automated services? ›

Below are some examples of automated customer service systems:
  • Automated workflows.
  • Chatbots.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Email automation.
  • Self-service help centers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Mar 5, 2021

What are the types of automated? ›

Three types of automation in production can be distinguished: (1) fixed automation, (2) programmable automation, and (3) flexible automation.

What are 3 types of messaging systems? ›

6 common types of mobile messages explained
  • Short message service (SMS) SMS is one of the most common forms of mobile messaging. ...
  • Multimedia messaging service (MMS) ...
  • Instant messaging (via the internet) ...
  • Push notifications. ...
  • In-app messages. ...
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)
Sep 8, 2022


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