7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (2023)

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (1)

Lovers of seafood (and any other type of gourmet) you will love our selection options for the best dinner in Tamarindo, a versatile gourmet city in the heart of the restaurant scene of Costa Rica

A vacation in Tamarindo. A short vacation to the Pacific and buried a trip with your feet in the sand.We have the stage and now you know what comes-an epic, unforgettable experience, so they earn an epic, unforgettable and unique meal. Hopefully.The tastiest, DieMost unforgettable,and theBest dinner in Tamarindo.

We are here to serve. We live here. We eat often. And so we have our favorites. Weknowledge. We did the footwork (and the fork work); we have ordered a few types and still have many meals that we will never forget. Because we live here in the Pacific. We live here in Costa Rica.HierFreshly seafood, hits theFreshly fruit and vegetableshits some of the freshest incomeHigh quality beach kitchen.

And so we bring our decisions for the best dinner in Tamarindo: seven incredible opportunities to make memories, while they saturate their desire for freshly caught seafood and fried vegetables, cold soups and racks from lamb, Argentine grill and shrimp cocktailThem to itTry all of them- Especially everything that contains the hook of the day and/or the typical tropical cocktails.

But the real litmus test isDoes your mouth make water?Because this is the common denominator here: we want your most unforgettable, most innovative and all -round the best dinner in Tamarindo the meals that you upset the most. The food that seduces you.Vegetarians or a gluten -free celiac disease, a meat -loving grilling or a foodie for seafarers.

We hope that the memory of these meals and these experiences are a kind of souvenir that you will appreciate forever. And so easily seven of the best dinner in Tamarindo:

  1. Bamboo

Telephone: |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (2)

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Come on Mr.! Bamboo expected

The Bamboo Sushi Club is one of these places that appears so wonderfully out of place: Smack locationin the middle of the cityYou think this would be a game and black, but it is not. Go to the zen -like garden setting and you enter this sweetness,Sometimes romanticand decidedstillSpot: A sushi bar that she greets at home every time you come by.

The menu is as inviting as the atmosphere: from rice shells to freshly cut sashimi, salads to Asian dumplings, sizzlingFresh from the Costa Ricaner MeerWith the exception of the salmon (sorry, no rivers for cold water here!) It is fresh, it is fabulous and we promise that you will love everything you are with seafood!

  1. Barefoot

Telephone: |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (3)

Mampf Mampf Mampf.barfuß is the place for local seafood, fresh from the sea

If you are not always looking for a mood for a more and more mood-a tropical oasis that feels far from the hustle and bustle-we recommend barfoot restaurant lounge.Barfuß, Beachy-Casual, but with an upscale turn. The result is a restaurant that emphasizesto eat healthy food, with a variety of vegetarian/vegans, gluten-free and fish and seafood dishes- a mixtureLocal ingredientsAndInternational flavors, with a delicious culinary allusion to Europe, Latin America and Asia.

We love almost everything on the menu, but we have a special place in our palate for the marinated seaweed salad, the grilled freshly caught Mahi Mahi and the Pico Poke, one of Mango-Fied Costa Rican version of Hawaiian Thunfisch Poke.Barfuss -Mojito is also one of our favorites.

  1. Libelle Bar & Grill

Telephone: 2653-1506 or 8554-2723 |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (4)

Dragonfly only waves inside, enjoy a nice meal!


If you go on vacation on the tropics, you may think that it would be pineapple season or tuna season or or oranySeason all year round. In Costa Rica it is almost always warm and sunny.So why shouldn't we always have the same products? It's logical thinking, but it is not true: we have very different seasons - and oursThe best meal follows the seasons.

Enter the Dragonfly Bar & Grill, which offers some of the mostInnovative and delicious seasonal menusAlles on offer is fresh: fresh from the sea, fresh from the earth, fresh from the oven. The result is constantly changing, but always promising and offers Tamarindo delicacies that from grilled Red Snapper and vegetarian Buddha shells to redThai beef and sesame yellow tuna are enough. We recommend that you search the daily specials! Oh, and we mentioned?Almost every iteration of Martini. Bottoms up!

  1. Langosta Beach Club

Telephone: 2653-1127 |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (5)

The Langosta Beach Club easily makes it to our list of the best dinner in Tamarindo

If you think, "Beach Club", you will probably imagine sunny pools and your feet in the sand. And the Langosta Beach Club offers that, but it is also one of our favorite food in Tamarindo (okay - technically Langosta!).

Since a meal is more than just eating alone, we start with the atmosphere: Langosta Beach Club isupscale, but not fussy- Away from the crowds, surrounded by tropical gardens, and promise the home of a uniquely quiet atmosphere, we promiseYou will not regret having arrived early. (Be in the range of 5-5: 30 if you want to catch a seat in the front row at sunset!)

Apart from a very special environment and a very special environment, the Langosta Beach Club serves excellent food. Think of: crispy scallops, goat cheese -caprees salad, grilled lobster, seaside bass struffle, beef fillet and all the sushi that you can dreamA list ofTropical cocktailsPresentgood winesPresentArtisan beers, and evenFresh fruit drinksTo satisfy your thirst and to meet everyone.

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  1. In the bank

Telephone: 2653-0024 |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (6)

Pangas unfolds from the restaurant to the beach seat to the Pacific Ocean

It is no secret that Pangas is one of our favorite places in the city: it is aFavorite meeting room, ASpectacular bar restaurant, ASpecial eventAnd one of usTop selection options for seafood in Tamarindo. So, yes - we are always here, Pangas earns a place on our list.

Pangas is located on the northern tip of Tamarindo, both on the beach and the mouth, and is named after the traditional Panga "Ferry" boats, which Forden the mouth, the Tamarindo separates from Playa Grande. This is a place of shady trees andSand pensPresentBrilliant sunsetsAndCandelitabend, Crashing Surf and Live Music.Beach -lizard meals: Succulent lobster and freshly caught snapper, lamb frame and grilled squid, shrimp skewers and chilled avocado-cucum soup, we also love thatfull bar, with strong red and white, local beers and tropical cocktails.

  1. Patagonia Argentinischer Grill & Restaurant

Telephone: |website

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (7)

Vegetarian, pasta-Holisches or grilled meat lovers surprisingly has a menu for everyone!

There are a lot of seafood on our list, so what do you do if you fancy a great steak? You go to Patagonia, an authentic Argentine grill who has ever missed everything you have ever missed over the Argentine dishes.

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We're talkingEmpanadas stuffedAndsmoky grill, filled eggplants and hearty Milanesa, homemade raviolis and braised lamb, but the best of all, the famous Argentine meat: rock steak, pork ribs, beef fillet, chicken without bones, New Yorker stripes, ribs and everything else that your grooving flavorscould come up with bonus: Everything is served on PatagoniaBeautiful terrace outdoorsMake sure you order a drink to accompany the sunset!

  1. Bonus: Picknick am Strand

7 of the best dinner in Tamarindo - stay in Tamarindo (8)

Hello, a picnic on the beach, where you don't have to collect for the best seat: you are all perfect here!

What is a beach vacation without a picnic on the beach? A missed opportunity, that's what.

We live in Tamarindo and we are here to tell you - you have to pack a picnic andEnjoy it on the beachAt least one evening, while you are here. It can be as simple as cold -fried chicken from the grocery store or simple sandwiches that you put together, or to take away and to sushi.- that's the perfect picnic.

Choose your favorite place.Time for sunset. Take a blanket or a beach towel with you, and then get in.Open a cold lemonade, a freshly chilled coconut water or fresh juice mangos. And then get in for the best evening at all times. Think a picnic on the beach in Tamarindo at sunset is as perfect as possible.

Calculum awakened? There is more than a reservation to make!

Tamarindo is one of Costa Rica's Foodie capitals. We say that not only because we live here - it is true that the international restaurants and the eating culture of Tamarindo offer a versatile, incredible meal scene that never gets boring even if even ifThey have been on vacation for a few weeks for several weeks in the next few weeks.

So if you love your beach holidays with one side of astonishingly, you are not a meal, Tamarindo is definitely your place.Tamarindo FerienzmietPerfect for you and your vacation style, then startPlan your adventure. And finally they make sureAsk usUpdates to favorite restaurants, secret picnic areas and where you do it and do not need a reservation.

We will connect them. Because we keep gourmets together.


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