Churchill & Pemberley - book series in order (2023)

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Churchill & Pemberley Books publication order

Tragedy at the Piddleton Hotel(2019)descriptionBucheBook
Murder in the cold mud(2019)descriptionBucheBook
Jigsaw puzzle made from Poppleford wood(2019)descriptionBucheBook
Christmas disaster in the vicarage(2019)descriptionBucheBook
Trouble in the churchyard(2020)descriptionBucheBook
wheels of danger(2020)descriptionBucheBook
The Poisoned Peer(2021)descriptionBucheBook
Fiasco in the jam factory(2021)descriptionBucheBook

Churchill & Pemberley series

The author of the Churchill & Pemberley series, Emily Organ is a Yorkshire-born crime writer who attended University College London. An Irish resident; Emily was just eight years old when she published her best-selling debut, a short story called The Pony Thieves. An avid creative writer since her school days studying English Literature; Emily particularly appreciates her newsletter and report writing duties during her time in a business related corporate environment.

Also specializing in the historical fiction niche, the earliest book by the name of Emily Organ dates from 2014 - her pseudonym as author appeared in March 2012; Her many literary influences include Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, Thomas Wolfe, Arthur Conan Doyle and PD James. Emily has also authored books under the pen name Hazel Gaynor, co-authored by Heather Webb, and is a signatory to a New York-based literary agency called Aevitas Creative Management.

Books in the Churchill & Pemberley series

Emily's notable series is Penny Green and her other series is Runaway Girl. Contextually, Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel is the earliest book of their sequel by Churchill & Pemberley, originally published June 13, 2019.

Set in rural Dorset County, England, and the fictional neighborhood of Compton Poppleford in the 1930s; The novel's protagonists are elderly private investigators - an overweight, sixty-year-old widow named Annabel Churchill and the unmarried, slim, forty-something Doris Pemberley - who run their own newly purchased investigative agency, formerly owned by Mr. Atkins has since died of poisoning. The investigators are lay people; Previously based in London, silver-haired Annabel's only qualification is her marriage to her late Scotland Yard ex-Detective Inspector husband; while grey-haired, bespectacled Doris worked as Mr Atkins' secretary for 15 years. Since then, Annabel has rebranded her agency (formerly Atkins's Detective Agency), which is now called Church HiIls Detective Agency.

At the suggestion of Annabel's godson; Your first task is the murder investigation - during which the incompetent amateurs miss many clues - of a nosy gossip girl, an old woman named Mrs Furzgate, whose alleged death took place in connection with tripping at the so-called Piddleton Hotel.

Churchill & Pemberley's second book is entitled Murder in Cold Mud, which was originally published on July 12, 2019. The unskilled women have begun to succeed in their investigations. You're now brave enough to offer unsolicited help to the unfriendly Inspector Mappin, who's investigating the serial killings of would-be exhibitors ahead of a local annual agricultural show. Exhibitors include award-winning farmer Mr Rumbold, who blames his rival Tubby Williams for spearing his gargantuan onions.

The victims are members of a farmers' association, and the alleged causes of death range from growing poisonous vegetables - pumpkins - to years of grudges. After Inspector Mappin refuses the amateurs' help and is undeterred by his warning of their interference, Annabel and Doris conduct a parallel investigation. There are conflicts of interest, including Annabel's clouded judgment after falling in love with one of the suspects.

First dated 14 November 2019 and third in his Churchill & Pemberley series; Puzzle in Poppleford Wood follows Annabel and Doris as they revisit a decades-old cold case involving the mysterious late-night disappearance of Darcy Sprockett (or White Lady), then 20-years-old - while eating eggs from bad weather fetched from her aunt - in Poppleford's woods. Six people are involved after the discovery of a body, believed to have killed Darcy, at a place - Doris confesses that she glimpsed the ghostly white-clad woman relatively recently - called Toldey Field, where goblins are said to have taken her according to a regional newspaper report.

Book 3.5 by Churchill & Pemberley entitled Christmas Calamity at the Vicarage was first published on November 28, 2019. The external conflict in its festive setting is a murdered choir director and drama teacher named Bob Donkin, whom a chorister stumbled upon at the vicarage during a book reading and baking contest; and the resulting implication (due to their lack of alibis during a Christmas party they attended and among those who feuded with Bob shortly before his death) of Annabel and Doris, according to both the local priest and their arch-rival investigator Mappin , which caused the women, along with Doris' naughty dog ​​Oswald, to find out who stabbed the real Bob, who killed with a paper knife.

First dated 19 June 2020; Churchill & Pemberley's fourth book, Trouble in the Churchyard, is about the desecration of a graveyard in what is known as St Swithun's Church, which Annabel and Doris are investigating after being asked to do so by the church caretaker, Mr Grieves. A charming art collector named Mr. Pickwick often distracts Annabel, who - along with her investigative partner Doris - turns her attention to a chilling murder investigation. The victim is a local humanist named Mr. Butterfolk who succumbed to a violent robbery in which the fleeing perpetrator passes through the cemetery leaving behind incriminating evidence.
Churchill & Pemberley's fifth book Wheels of Peril was originally published on August 27, 2020. The plot has two interconnected major external conflicts. First: the death of a feisty cyclist named Mrs Mildred Cobnut, whose murder investigation is being carried out by Inspector Mappin in conjunction with an international investigator, Monsieur Pascal Legrand. Second: the disappearance of Ramsay, the cattle rancher Glossop's goat, who left behind a frightened horse, apparently due to the annoying anti-social antics - including speeding that once hit Annabel - Mildred alongside her female biker club colleague.
The sixth book in the Churchill & Pemberley series, The Poisoned Peer is originally dated April 19, 2021. and the fatal poisoning of a wealthy Earl of Wessex at the age of 99 at his stately home at Gripedown Hall. The investigators' aristocratic insider is Tryphena Ridley-Balls, daughter of the murdered Earl.

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