Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (2023)

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February 13, 2023

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (1)

Looking for the best restaurants MelbourneCBD has to offer? You've come to the right place. This city is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, our innovative and ever-evolving culinary scene continues to grow, and year after year we stand out with new establishments that put their flag on culinary ground.

Navigating this dining community can be tricky, so we've saved you time. From cheap to enchanted, here's where to find the best restaurants Melbourne CBD serves in 2023.



Klejnot w koronie kulinarnej sceny Melbourne,Societyit's an experience that goes beyond food. LUCAS Group's latest show of opulence in the Collins Street area is completely multi-sensory, from the elevator to the entrance to the chandeliered restaurant, a cavernous space that somehow still feels atmospheric and intimate. The charm of society is that it disarms all pretentious notions. The menu is considered a selection but is large in variety and taste; appetizers such as caviar, served with brioche and crème fraîche, are a matter of course, while breathtaking main courses such as Bouef En Croute (which is hand-carved on the table top) make the trip even more memorable and is just one of the reasons it tops the list of best restaurants in Melbourne in 2023.


Sitting on Punch Lane at the top end of townSundaa truly unique experience, its wide glass front leads to a seating area that surrounds the open kitchen. Sunda's gastronomic offering is a unique combination of Vietnamese dishes with strong Malaysian and Indonesian influences, two cuisines previously underrepresented in Melbourne's elegant dining space.

Hosted by Khanh Nguyen, there are two tasting menus, with Sunda classics such as smoked scallop, betel leaf, desert lime and cucumber - egg noodles with xo sauce, chicken cracklings and pepper. Sunda is easily one of Melbourne's best CBD restaurants and will make you reconsider your perception of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Butcher Restaurant

Those looking for a quick bite to eat at any time of the day or night need look no further than Butcher's Diner. First, as the name eludes, they take their meat seriously, and most of it is home-aged. Start with the basics well done like steak and eggs or a cheeseburger that has to be one of the best in CBD; otherwise, try something different like a pork tongue skewer and pair it with one of the many infusions on offer at one of Melbourne's CBD best restaurants.


Melbourne's CBD mainstay, and for good reason. This casual Italian restaurant is a place for both 9-5 and after-hours warriors; here you will find classic bolognese and large pieces of lasagna at a very very reasonable price. Don't forget to wash it all down with a glass of homemade granita.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (3)


One of the most anticipated CBD openings was Khanha Nguyen's ARU, and in 2023 it is still considered one of the best. Here, Nguyen combines Australian and Indonesian flavors under a delicious edible lens. The menu is full of flamed meats, seafood and fish where this pioneering chef uses basic processes such as fermentation, smoking, curing and canning to create one of Melbourne's most unique menus. Dry-ripened duck is just one of the heroes here, but another you've probably seen in your feeds is Pate En Croute, which resembles banh mi encased in a delicate batter - and these are just a few of the reasons why Aru reachesbest restaurants melbourne cbdlist.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (4)


FromEmblemopened in Melbourne's CBD, it has taken root in the posh dining scene. Widely popular for the relaxed atmosphere it emits and the distinctly modern Australian dishes that appear on the seasonal menu such as pipis, butter beans, butter beans and basil - stracciatella, oyster mushrooms, almonds xo There's always something beautifully paired for diving.

Embla's intimately located dining room and unpretentious waiters are the perfect environment for tasting shared plates with friends or splitting a set menu between the other half. Makes it one of the best restaurants in Melbourne CBD.

Dom's Social

Hidden beneath an inconspicuous staircase off Swanston Street, Dom's Social offers three levels of fun and delicious pizza. The dining room is atmospheric enough for a date, and the pool room is perfect for you and a few buddies; you can choose your own adventure when it comes to the end of the night pizza and drink bill under $50 with the right choices. Those who want to go all out will relish the Lambrusco's killer choice from the bottle to balance porchini and truffle cake, or maybe you're leaning more towards the mortadella and honey number.

gimlet | At Cavendish's house

Go back almost a century to the very definition of a work of "swank". Gimlet is the latest addition to Andrew McConnell's empire and joins the ranks of other highly regarded AMC favorites (extraordinary,Cumulus,Marion,).

Considered by many to be one of Melbourne's finest restaurants, Gimlet Modeled on an early 19th century style that echoes the grand hotels of the 1920s in London and New York, Gimlet is a whimsical romance. The menu is much more modern than space, a fusion of traditional European cuisine with a classic McConnellian flavor of modernity, such as Southern Rock lobster, wood-roasted in saffron rice with "biscuit" sauce.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (5)


The Serai opened earlier last year, but the noise wave in 2023 has been almost deafening, and it's not for nothing that owners Ross Magnaye, Shane Stafford and Ben Waters serve up some of the most interesting food in Melbourne. You'll find Filipino influences on the menu, although the ethos of what's on your plate is more about cooking over an open fire than anything else. A prime example of this is one of the main courses, bone marrow, which Ross says is "very Australian" and even uses kangaroo which is smoked in a fireplace and then topped with a "Kinilaw style" coconut vinaigrette that is similar to ceviche. Book in advance at one of Melbourne CBD's best new restaurantsHere.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (6)

Farmer's Daughters

Farmer's Daughterslaunched early last year with a simple concept to celebrate the diverse and dynamic products that the Gippsland area of ​​Victoria has to offer. Its three-storey space is a total tribute to the rich and dynamic region, incorporating native woods into furnishings from the vast bush.

There you will find a delicatessen, a restaurant and a rooftop for many attractions. All menus have been inspired by founder and chef Alejandro Saravia Pastuso and offer a taste of the rich Gippsland cuisine through plate and wine tastings. It may be new, but the concept and execution of Farmer's Daughters has cemented it as one of the best CBD restaurants in Melbourne.

we said

we saidhas a contemporary take on Indonesian cuisine, with classics such as Nasi Goreng found in front of at least one restaurant at any given time, while those who prefer to twist things up can opt for the squid ink equivalent of the Indonesian dish. Those who want to eat the whole pork can order Babi Kecap Babci, sweet and salty pork belly with salted vegetables; or maybe Sop Konro, a soup with beef ribs that will warm your own tummy. If you're looking for solid food at a reasonable price, Kata Kita is one of the best restaurants in MelbourneCBD.

Lee Ho Fook

Follow the neon light of the alley and enter Chef Victor Liong's dimly lit rendered brick wallsLee Ho Fook. Dining here will shake off preconceived notions of Chinese fine dining, as Victor's modern approach combines the heritage of traditional dishes with his own creative interpretation, such as smoked eel, foie gras, candied konbu and pink pepper, or pork shank, baby bok choi cooked in water with mussels, Warragul greens, roasted duck anise sauce.

There's also a dizzying amount of wine on offer, but with the wine pairing menu options, you can leave that to the in-house experts. This is one city restaurant to consider the next time you find yourself in a big smoke.

Avenue of the Chancellery

The next hit for 2023 isAvenue of the ChancelleryA European bistro that brings together alumni of must-see places in the CBD. With its own distinctive approach to European fine dining, Chancery is backed by a team of hospitality industry veterans and led by Scott Pickett (Longrain,Matilda,Estelle).

One of the most unique dining experiences Melbourne has to offer, the menu is crafted to perfection with options including John Dory fish on the bone with butter Café De Paris as the main course and decadent Pedro Ximénez (Spanish dessert wine), sultana, chocolate tart to complete the whole. It is impossible to have a list of the best CBD restaurants without this newcomer.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (7)

enter 00

A true pioneer in the field of pasta,enter 00exploded onto the scene with its quaint and intimately placed restaurant on Little Bourke Street in 2014, and in 2023 is still a favorite for many. series of different sauces and additives.

For the main course, treat yourself to beef carpaccio with black figs and vincotto (boiled wine), followed by gnocchi with stewed duck, porcini mushrooms and pecorino pepato. Don't forget the 'tipomisù' dessert of the same name, a clever interpretation of the Italian delicacy.

chin chin

If you've ever walked down Flinders Lane and wondered what that huge coaster was all about, congratulations - you just found itchin chin.

Still the city's most vibrant pan-Asian eatery and one of Melbourne's best CBD restaurants. Right on the other side of that door is some really tasty Southeast Asian food in a really trendy setting. We order a salad with crispy barramundi and green apple, caramelized pork, peanuts, chilli and lemongrass. And then Isaan style spicy hot grilled chicken. And that's just the beginning... come early if you want to avoid the crowds.


It's just a short walk to Flinders Lane's other Asian masterpiece - we're talking, of courseextraordinary.

The jewel in Andrew McConnell's crown and home to Melbourne's most famous lobster roll. The Supernormal menu changes all the time, but it's always designed to be shared, so grab a few mates and try a portion of duck bao, whole snapper with burnt butter sauce, wild cress and shaved kombu, some beef tartare and whatever you can still fit.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (8)

Cumulus Inc.

From one McConnell venture to another.Cumulus Inc. is one of Melbourne's most sophisticated all-day restaurants: part coffee shop, part wine bar, and part restaurant. A staple resident of Flinders Lane, Cumulus has described itself as one of the best CBD restaurants in Melbourne and accordingly is packed throughout the day and well into the night.

If you don't know what to choose, opt for a flatbread with Barletta onions, anchovies and farmed butter, followed by a slow roasted shoulder of lamb with almonds and smoked paprika.

View of the world

View of the worldis one of Melbourne's most iconic classic fine-dining restaurants. Its legacy as a catalyst for Melbourne's culinary boom has been well documented, and its creator, Shannon Bennett, has become a top figure in Melbourne's hospitality community.

The menu at one of Melbourne's best CBD restaurants is elegant and refined, with simple yet rich pairings with the city's best fine dining, paired with carefully selected wines by the team's sommeliers, it's both an experience and a meal. It certainly won't be cheap, but it's one you'll remember forever.


If you're on a big budget and ready to spend on some of the best Japanese food Melbourne has to offer, we've got the restaurant for you.

Ishizukascreams indulgence and the menu changes seasonally. And we're talking about a revolving evening menu with 11 unrivaled courses. Here's the kicker: it serves only a small group of happy guests each night. Book in advance for this. It fills up a week in advance.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (9)


Originally opened in 1999 and then closed briefly in 2020 for reasons we don't need to go over again, Longrain once again reigns supreme in the Melbourne CBD restaurant scene. It's all thanks to restaurateur, chef and hospo veteran Scott Pickett. Book this long-time favourite, inspired by Thai cuisineHere.

Barbecue American style

On the menu of this elegant American steakhouse, which opened early last year, you will find dishes that celebrate the three basic elements of Italian cuisine: charcoal, wood-fired and steam. It starts with freshly baked focaccia served with homemade green olive butter, lots of cicchetti and top shelf mozzarella. Somewhere in between are hand-made pasta - don't miss the slow-cooked Wagyu beef pappardelle and porcini ragout - and the main event is rounded off with a couple of Bistecca steaks on the bone and boneless. Meanwhile atBarbecue American stylebar, you'll find a nod to Italian classics like smoked Negroni, and a wine cellar with over 2,000 bottles will bring local and international producers to that glass on your table - and as the name suggests, you'll also find Americano's healthy gimmick. Hands down one of the chicest restaurants in the CBD and one of the best too.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (10)


KodyThe French-Vietnamese fusion menu is innovative and carefully balanced flavors. Start with crispy tapioca and shrimp betel leaf with kaffir lime and green chilli, followed by crispy aromatic Peking chicken with plum salt.

The pineapple baked in rum and Thai basil sorbet with mascarpone whipped cream and Breton jam are also completely insane. Check it out on Flinders Lane.

Pho Bo Ga Mekong

Cheap and cheerful you can't walk past Pho Bo Ga Mekong on Swanston Street. This CBD pho spot has been around for a minute, and in 2023, many Melburni residents still consider it the place to go for a bowl of beef or noodle soup. The Mekong team considers it one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, as Bill Clinton once ate two bowls there (as immortalized by the writing on the wall, but we believe it to be the best due to their commitment to fine Vietnamese cuisine.

San Telmo

When there is a craving for Argentinian food, Melbournians go thereSan Telmo. Do not accept substitutes. We're talking empanadas, grilled sardines, homemade pork and beef sausages and, of course, large pieces of meat.

This is one of the best CBD restaurants on offer for grilled or steak. Lamb rump, flank steak, beef tenderloin, ribs, eye steak - whatever you want to call it, they have it and it's damn well cooked (or medium if you prefer). A lovely option for a mid-week date.

Flower drum

It would be a sin not to mentionFlower drum,one of Melbourne's most iconic restaurants.

As it should be - with an ultra-high standard of Chinese food served daily. Dim sum to die for, quail with san choi, crispy pork ribs with crispy garlic crumble, whole fish, flavorful hot and sour soup - you can see why we're so excited about it. Many Melbournians wait for a special occasion to check out Flower Drum, but it's really good anytime you're hungry. It's worth going crazy.



The flagship of chef/cooking icon, Shane Delia,Manyopened on Bond Street in the CBD over a decade ago. Growing with Melbourne's culinary boom, Maha has become a gastronomic institution that is constantly expanding and expanding its offerings. Centered around Middle Eastern flavors and drawing on Delia's own heritage, Maha is a spicy journey into its own interpretations of regional specialties and staples. Whether it's a tantalizing series of mezze dishes, the famous slow-roasted shoulder of lamb, or just groundbreaking Turkish delight donuts, Maha's continued excellence has secured a place among Melbourne's finest restaurants.


Let's end this with one more Asian restaurant, because Melbourne's CBD does Asian food better than almost anywhere else.

We mentioned the queues on Flinders Lane to Chin Chin, but we forgot to mention the queues going the other way to get toKisume. Led by Chef Yonge Kim, their extensive knowledge of sushi and sake leads to an award-winning dining experience, which is why many consider it one of the best restaurants Melbourne CBD has to offer.You can spend an entire evening exploring this two-story Japanese restaurant and sake temple. Don't expect cheap fodder though - this is as fancy as Melbourne.



Taking up the culinary movement of Scandinavian cuisine, popularized by foreign institutions, e.gLubIFavorite,Freyjawill be the latest addition to the Collins Street food court.NameFreyja is named after the Norse goddess who was responsible for beauty and love, residing in a 130-year-old historic Olderfleet building. There is a strong Scandinavian aesthetic with a collection of minimalist styles including raw woods and metallic embellishments with rich contrasting colors. The chefs are Jae Bang and Aaron Caccia, both from the Michelin-starred restaurant Re-Naain Norway, and Daniel Gordon, former chef atLee Ho Fook. Together, the team develops a menu that incorporates many traditional cooking methods from the Nordic region, including fermentation, smoking and pickling.

Melbourne CBD's 30 best restaurants for 2023 and exactly where to find them (12)



TheFlorentinoThe restaurant has been bringing classic fine dining to Melbourne since 1928 and until 2023. A mainstay of Melbourne's food scene under the direction of Guy Grossi, it still pays attention to those little details, from the white tablecloths to the shiny cutlery. and that's why it's considered one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. The characteristic building with paneled walls and historic details houses a restaurant, a cellar bar and a grill. With true Italian attention to flavor and wine pairings, this restaurant is a must for every Melburnian at least once in their lifetime.



An Italian restaurant with a long history in Melbourne's CBD, it has become a staple of fine dining with a recent refresh. Instead of typical pasta dishes in large portions and appetizers rich in carbohydratesBacaroand its menu focuses on regional Venetian cuisine, providing a more refined and thoughtful approach to culinary offerings. Headed by Chef David Dellai, who has prepared a selection of dishes that showcase classic combinations of the region, such as Beef Tartare with Brulee Bone Marrow and Wild Mushrooms or their favorite Spaghettini with Moreton Bay Bugs, Garlic, Chili and Arugula. In the atmosphere and cuisine, Il Bacaro has established itself not only as one of the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne, but also as one of the best restaurants in Melbourne.

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