Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (2023)

Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (1)

The Vacation Bible School is an important part of the church's annual calendar. For many churches, VBS is the largest evangelical effort within their church walls. Having trouble deciding which VBS curriculum is right for you? With so many options and places to visit, it may seem overwhelming. Take a look at this overview of the key VBS curricula for 2022 to help you decide which option is best for you and your community!

group curriculum

Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (2)

Theme:Monumentales VBS– Celebrate God's greatness


Associative connection:none

Overview from the website:Embark on an epic off-road adventure through the colorful canyons and sun-kissed trails of the Southwest. As they explore God's magnificence, children build a rock-solid belief in the path ahead.

Biblical content:The story of Joseph

Tag 1:

Bible Point: God loves you no matter what

Focus Verse: “Your love will endure forever” Psalm 89:2

Bible Story: Joseph's Family Feuds. Genesis 37

Tag 2:

Bible Point: God is with you everywhere.

Focus Verse: “For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Bible story: Joseph is imprisoned. Genesis 39-40

Tag 3:

Bible point: God is in charge

Focus Verse: “How great is our Lord! His power is absolute!” Psalm 147:5

Bible story: Joseph gets new tasks. Genesis 41

Tag 4:

Bible Point: God is stronger than all else.
Focus Verse: “And I am convinced that nothing can separate us from God's love.” Romans 8:38

Bible story: Jesus dies and comes to life again. Luke 23-24:12

Tag 5:

Bible Point: God is surprising.

Focus Verse: “Come and see what our God has done, what mighty wonders he is working for the people!” Psalm 66:5

Bible Story: Joseph reunites with his family. Genesis 42-45

The fun stuff:

  • Bible Buddies for every day
  • Colorful decorations
  • Immersive nature experience that transforms your church into a southwestern landscape
  • Lots of music and options
  • Easy to plan
  • The syllabus is available in paper and digital form
  • Group has the registration system VBS Pro

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a traditional 5 day VBS curriculum
  • You want a curriculum that is easy to plan and execute
  • You have no association requirements for your curriculum
  • You are looking for a colorful nature themed VBS theme
  • You want a digital curriculum or paper copies
Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (3)

Theme:Jerusalem marketplace


Associative connection:none

Overview from the website:Travel back in time to where Jesus went to the cross. Smell the fresh, warm bread; weave a basket out of reeds; Making clay pots... Can you hear the music echoing through the marketplace? Engage all of your senses as you transport your church into another time and experience—and walk with Jesus today!

Biblical content:

Tag 1:

Bible passage: Jesus is king

Focus Verse: “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Philippians 2:11

Bible Story: Crowds greet Jesus in Jerusalem. Matthew 21:1-11

Tag 2:

Bible Point: Jesus showed God's love.

Focus Verse: “Love one another.” John 13:34

(Video) VBS Curriculum Showcase 2022 with Beth Hayes

Bible story: Jesus celebrates Passover with his disciples. John 13:1-17

Tag 3:

Bible Point: Jesus loves us

Focus Verse: “Nothing … will ever separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:39

Bible story: Jesus prays in the garden and is arrested. John 17:1-18:11

Tag 4:

Bible Point: Jesus died for us.

Focus Verse: “God showed us His great love in sending Christ to die for us.” Romans 5:8

Bible story: Jesus is crucified. Luke 23:1-55

Tag 5:

Bible passage: Jesus lives.

Focus Verse: "Since I live, ye also shall live." Isaiah 43:1

Bible story: Jesus rose from the dead. Matthew 28:1-10

The fun stuff:

  • Bible Buddies for every day
  • Immersive Biblical Experience
  • A lot of music
  • The syllabus is available in paper and digital form
  • Group has a VBS Pro registration system

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a traditional 5 day VBS curriculum
  • You want to keep costs low but quality high
  • You have no association requirements for your curriculum
  • You are looking for a VBS on the subject of the Bible
Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (4)

Theme:today– Weekend VBS – Grow in friendship with Jesus


Associative connection:none

Overview:Get everyone cheering on VBS! At HayDay VBS, kids will take the fun of the farm to the max as they explore a simple biblical truth: Jesus will always love us!

Content of the Bible:

Bible point:Jesus will always love us.

key verse:“Our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.” Romans 5:11

Day 1 Bible story:Jesus befriends Zacchaeus. (Luke 19:1-10)

Day 2 Bible story:Jesus dies and comes to life again. (John 19-21)

The fun stuff:

  • A fun weekend VBS
  • If you are hosting a two-day event, no syllabus changes are required
  • Five songs are a mixture of classic children's songs and new songs of praise

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a weekend VBS curriculum
  • They are struggling to find volunteers for a traditional 5-day VBS program
  • You are looking for a way to implement VBS in your church or community
  • Your church has no associational curriculum requirements
  • You don't need a digital curriculum


Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (5)

Theme:Am Fall


Associative connection:none

Overview from the website:Growing spiritually doesn't have to be an unsolved mystery! Take a four-day journey with child detectives as they delve into some of Jesus' parables to solve the mysteries of growing their faith, caring for, serving and loving others. You will discover that the answers have always been there: spend time with God, spend time with others, use your gifts and share your story.

Epheser 3:4

Content of the Bible:

Tag 1:

Children study the parable of the sower and learn how we can grow in our relationship with God.

  • BIG IDEA: When we spend time with God, we grow.
  • BIBLE: Luke 8:4-15 | Parable of the sower

Tag 2:

Children study the parable of the sacks of gold to learn more about serving God and others.

  • BIG IDEA: With our gifts we serve.
  • BIBLE: Matthew 25:14-29 | Parable of the sacks of gold

Tag 3:

Children study the parable of the good Samaritan and find ways we can better care for one another.

  • BIG IDEA: Spending time with others is important to us.
  • BIBLE: Luke 10:25-37 | Parable of the Good Samaritan

Tag 4:

(Video) VBS 2023 THEME REVEAL | Vacation Bible School Curriculum | Small Publishing

Children examine three different parables about a sheep, a coin, and a son to find what they have in common and what they can teach us about loving.

  • BIG IDEA: We love sharing our story.
  • BIBLE: Luke 15:1-32 | Parable of the lost sheep, the coin and the son

The fun stuff:

  • Includes music, planning tools, graphics, parent communication guides and more!
  • Is a 4-day VBS that requires no adjustment to your syllabus if you wish to shorten your VBS
  • There are two more themes available that are completely free!
  • 2022 includes an optional day 5 for a kids and parents event!

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a 4-day VBS program
  • You are looking for a digital-only curriculum VBS & can print large quantities in your church
  • You want a free, quality curriculum
  • You do not need any extras & additional materials


Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (6)

Theme:make waves– What you do today can change the world around you


Associative connection:none

Overview from the website:We believe it is possible for children and volunteers to create a ripple effect that can impact the world around them in ways they will never forget. God dropped you on this planet to do the same - to make waves. They are designed to bring about positive change in the world. And the children who show up in your ministry need to believe that too.

Content of the Bible:

Tag 1:


Story: Creation

Bible passage: Genesis 1-2

Conclusion: God created people with a purpose

Tag 2:

catch the wave

Story: Peter walks on water

Bible passage: Matthew 14:22-33

Conclusion: Jesus invited people to follow him.

Tag 3:


Story: Jesus is alive

Bible passage: John 18-21:14

Conclusion: You can entrust your life to Jesus

Tag 4:

attract attention, attract attention

Story: Love one another/Philipp and the Ethiopian ruler

Bible passage: John 13:34-35, Acts 8:26-40

Conclusion: Love others as Jesus loves you.

Tag 5:

Ripple Effect

Story: Fruit of the Spirit

Bible passage: Galatians 5:22-23

Conclusion: God can help you change the world around you

Reminder Verse: Whoever believes in me... rivers of living water will flow out of him - John 7:38, NIV

The fun stuff

  • Customizable content and resources
  • Combine with TWO free months of First Look & 252 Kids curriculum to create a strategic summer plan
  • Easy to plan
  • Easy to adapt to different contexts - church, garden clubs and home
  • Easy to decorate - keep it simple or elaborate!
  • Helps connect families to what kids are learning during VBS!
  • Modern Music

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a 5-day VBS program
  • They want your VBS to equip kids to impact their community
  • They follow the Orange curriculum
  • You don't want to buy as many add-on items from the curriculum provider as other companies need or need
  • You're on a tighter budget but want an affordable and quality VBS


Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (7)

Theme:Spark-Studios– Created, designed and empowered


(Video) VBS Program 2022

Associative connection:Southern Baptist

Overview from the website:Let your imagination run wild and let your creativity run wild at Spark Studios. In the summer of 2022, children will learn that God's creativity does not stop in Genesis. The Master Artist works to redeem, reclaim, and transform us—His creation—into the design He has planned for us. Children will learn the beautiful truth that they are God's work when they learn to use their talents to bring glory to Him.

Bible content

Tag 1:

Main idea: God the Creator

Bible passage: Acts 13:21-24, Psalm 104

Daily Point: God is the wonderful Creator.

Bonus verse: Psalm 104:24

Tag 2:

Main idea: God the designer

Bible passage: 1 Samuel 16

Daily Point: God created us in a unique way for His purpose.

Bonuses: 1 Samuel 16:7b

Tag 3:
Main idea: Jesus the King

Bible passage: Psalm 118:26; Acts 13:21-23; Matthew 21:1-11

Daily Point: Jesus is the King that God promised to save us

Bonus verse: Matthew 21:9b

Tag 4:

Keynote: Jesus the Redeemer

Bible passage: Luke 23:13-25, 44-56; 24:1-12, 36-49

Daily Point: Jesus fulfilled God's plan to save us.

Bonus verse: Luke 24:46

Tag 5:

Main idea: Holy Spirit, the helper

Bible passage: Acts 1:4-14; Act 2

Daily Point: The Holy Spirit empowers us to follow God's plan

Bonus verse: Acts 1:8

The fun stuff:

  • Includes many additional resources, decorations, digital art, and content to make VBS planning easier
  • Has digital and hardcopy options
  • Focuses on gospel presentation and gospel content each day
  • Has options for VBS for teens, college students, and adults
  • Colorful theme to help kids celebrate God's creation and their creativity!

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a traditional 5-day VBS that can be adapted to other schedules
  • Your church wants the curriculum to be aligned with Southern Baptist teaching
  • They want more planning resources and content
  • You want an in-depth curriculum
  • You would like to record a VBS for students and adults

Answers in Genesis

Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (8)



Associative connection:none

Overview from the website:Zoomerang is a VBS sanctuary of life in the Land Down Under! Get ready to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the dry outback afternoons, the architectural wonders of Australia's modern cities and the mesmerizing Eucalyptus forest, home of the koalas.

At Zoomerang, the newest Answers VBS, you'll marvel at Australia's unforgettable wildlife, culture and beauty while exploring the wonders and value of life, from the life of an unborn baby to eternal life in the kingdom of God. During this pro-life VBS, children will discover that life is precious. From the youngest to the oldest, every human being is created in the image and likeness of God - wonderfully destined to know Him and live for Him!

Bible content

Tag 1:

Theme: The beginning of life

Bible Story: Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:7-23

Lesson Focus: The Creator of the Universe Created You! You didn't evolve from an ape-like creature.

Vers: Genesis 1:27

(Video) Sunday School Curriculum - Sharefaith Kids VBS Webinar

Apologetics Focus: You Can't Make a Monkey of Me! (ape-man scam)

Tag 2:

Theme: The Miracle of Life

Bibelstelle: Psalm 139:13-16

Lesson Focus: They are awesome and beautifully made, with a body full of awesome design features.

Verse: Psalm 139:14

Apologetics Focus: God has thought of everything! (design features of our bodies)

Tag 3:

Theme: The value of life

Bible passage: Matthew 1-2

Lesson Focus: God Appreciates You! Every single person - young, old, healthy, sick - is a priceless treasure.

Verse: Luke 6:31

Apologetics Focus: Be a defender of the defenseless! (Protect and respect life)

Tag 4:

Theme: Eternal Life

Bible Reference: Selected Scriptures

Lesson focus: God loves you! He loves you so much that he sent his only son to die for you!

Verse: John 11:25

Apologetics Focus: SMYLE! God loves you! (only one way to eternal life)

Tag 5:

Topic: Use your life

Bible passage: Acts 1:6-11; 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Lesson Focus: They were created on purpose for a specific purpose!

Vers: Epheser 2:10

Apologetics Focus: All I wanna do is live for you every day! (Life has meaning and purpose)

The fun stuff:

  • Science and craft rotation
  • “Pet Friend” characters for every day
  • VBS Digital is the first VBS digital resource of its kind (all in one site for registration, curriculum, videos and more)
  • Emphasis on apologetics
  • Options for contemporary and traditional music

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a traditional 5-day VBS
  • You are looking for a VBS with traditional music as an option
  • You want your curriculum to have an apologetic emphasis
  • You have no association requirements for your curriculum


Overview of the VBS curriculum 2022 (9)

Theme:food truckParty


Associative connection:United Methodists

Overview from the website:Cokesbury's Food Truck Party VBS invites kids of all ages to get going with God as a parade of food trucks roll into their neighborhoods for the biggest party of the summer!

Using Matthew 6:11; “Give us this day our daily bread”, children are invited to pray as Jesus teaches. These words are a reminder that everything we have comes from God - and our daily needs are met by God.

Through stories in both the Old and New Testaments, this VBS opens children's eyes to the myriad ways God provides, loves and cares for us and invites them to join God in caring for, loving and caring for others to take care of her.

The focus of the Food Truck Party is a special food truck called "On a Roll". Here, kids (or "chefs") learn about the Daily Specials (Daily Learnings), which are lines from the popular prayer that teaches us to turn to God, from the food truck's top chef, along with DJ Cupcake (an adorable cupcake puppet). to meet our needs.

The goal of the Food Truck Party is to help children build on the practice of daily prayer to turn to God for their needs -- and also to serve as the hands of God to ensure the needs of others are met.

Content of the Bible:

Session 1: God Provides Manna and Quail (Exodus 16)

Session 2: Elijah the widow and endless oil (1 Kings 17:8-16)

Session 3: Daniel and his friends eat the good stuff (Daniel 1)

Session 4: Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Plus (John 6:1-13)

(Video) 2022 VBS Musical Review (Closing Program)

Session 5: Jesus cooks the catch of the day (John 21:1-17)

The fun stuff:

  • Helps children remember that God will take care of them!
  • Multiple wall options to decorate
  • Has a science rotation
  • Cokesbury offers a FREE VBS website and custom domain
  • 10 songs for your VBS
  • Has a VBS curriculum with one room

This curriculum/topic may be appropriate for your community if….

  • You are looking for a 5-day VBS program
  • You want your VBS to be United Methodist in content
  • You are looking for a one-room VBS curriculum option
  • You would like a digital or printed copy of the curriculum


What is the VBS theme for 2022? ›

Believe it or not, VBS 2022 is on the horizon, and we're ready to dive into another exciting theme. Today, we want to invite you to gear up for a splashin' summer with VBS 2022: Make Waves! In this wet and wild VBS, kids will learn that what you do today can change the world around you.

What is VBS curriculum? ›

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a ministry outreach churches provide to educate children about God. Each church runs its own Vacation Bible School program but may use a purchased religious curriculum in its teachings.

What is the VBS theme for 2023? ›

In summer 2023 kids will pass go and collect truth about Jesus in “Twists & Turns.” Lifeway Christian Resources' 2023 Vacation Bible School theme celebrates games of all kinds, from classic tabletop favorites to video games and more.

What is make waves VBS about? ›

The Make Waves VBS Kit provides the tools for a hands-on, memorable week that encourages kids to grow in their faith as they understand how to make waves and share God's love with the people around them. Your digital director's guide includes everything you need to plan and run a successful Make Waves VBS!

What is the theme of January 2022? ›

The Theme of 2022: “Changing Course, Transforming Education.”

What do kids learn in VBS? ›

At VBS, children learn Bible verses, sing upbeat music, observe skits, create crafts, participate in recreation, take part in a mission project, and have a snack or a meal. VBS provides an opportunity to teach children about Jesus so that they can learn ways to be like Christ.

What is the goal of VBS? ›

What Is the Purpose of VBS? Many people may wonder what the purpose of Vacation Bible School is and if it's still relevant. The answer is actually very simple: the purpose of VBS is to minister children in the church, create outreach to the surrounding communities, and to create evangelism opportunities.

How do I prepare for VBS? ›

Essential steps for planning a vacation Bible school
  1. Finalize dates. Mark the calendar as soon as possible so staff members, volunteers, and families can save the dates. ...
  2. Choose a location. ...
  3. Pick a theme. ...
  4. Set enrollment goals. ...
  5. Recruit staff members. ...
  6. Promote your VBS. ...
  7. Create an activities schedule. ...
  8. Train your team.
6 Jul 2021

How long does it take to plan VBS? ›

4-6 Months Before VBS

Set dates for VBS on the church calendar. Determine the audiences for whom you will provide-preschoolers, children, youth, adults, special needs. Prepare the budget and submit it to the church for approval. Set goals for enrollment, prospects, and offering.

What is the full name of VBS? ›

VBScript ("Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition") is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft that is modeled on Visual Basic.

How do you introduce a lesson to a wave? ›

Introduction to Waves
  1. Activate students' prior knowledge about waves. Ask students if they've ever seen, felt, or made a wave. ...
  2. Figure out where in the world waves are. Show students the map of the world and a globe. ...
  3. Show students photographs of ocean waves. ...
  4. Demonstrate how waves move.

What's another word for making waves? ›

to cause trouble. If I start making waves I'll end up getting the sack. Synonyms. cause trouble. stir up trouble.

What are the big themes for 2022? ›

The Big Picture: Key Themes for 2022
  • CHINA 3.0. ...

What is the theme of the day 2022? ›

The theme for the International Day of Peace 2022 is “End racism.

What is the relevance of the theme for National Youth Day 2022? ›

The theme of National Youth Day 2022 is “It's all in the mind.” This theme indicates that the root of any person's issues are mainly their own thoughts. Vivekananda was an ardent follower of the Indian mystic, Ramakrishna, and believed it important to control the mind.

What are the key themes running through the Bible? ›

The great biblical themes are about God, his revealed works of creation, provision, judgment, deliverance, his covenant, and his promises. The Bible sees what happens to mankind in the light of God's nature, righteousness, faithfulness, mercy, and love.

How do I promote my Vacation Bible School? ›

Be At Local Events

Engaging with the community at local events is the ideal way to promote your VBS. This is a great opportunity to talk to local families, hand out flyers and invitations, and even set up a stall to give kids an idea of the kind of fun and activities you provide at your Vacation Bible School.

What makes a good VBS? ›

When picking your VBS make sure it's bold and Biblical! A great VBS theme needs to capture children's imagination and be centered around the gospel. A great example of this is God of Wonders, the brand new VBS program from Sharefaith Kids.

What does a VBS teacher do? ›

The only teaching is to support and reinforce the Daily Bible Lesson through natural conversations and interactions with the children in your class. This role has a team of 2-4 people sharing and helping lead the class throughout their day at VBS. Accompany a class throughout their day at VBS.

What is the most important lesson to teach a child? ›

Honesty is the best policy

An important life lesson for children is to always be honest. Lying will only get us in trouble, and it isn't worth it. The basis of any good relationship is honesty, whether it be with friends, family, or anyone else.

Is VBS worth it? ›

Because it's an all-hands-on-deck kind of effort. It takes everybody in every age demographic, multi-generational, to reach and to pull off, honestly, a quality VBS program. So is it worth it? Absolutely.

Why is VBS important for kids? ›

VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ. As older Christian adults, we can provide a solid biblical foundation for faith development for these children—because VBS offers an opportunity to introduce children and youth to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Is VBS a southern thing? ›

It's Vacation Bible School time (also known as VBS). VBS is a Southern rite of passage. As a child, I spent many summers in the mountains of Canton, North Carolina, reciting Bible verses, building Noah's Ark out of popsicle sticks, and watching Veggie Tales next to a paper cup of Kool-Aid.

Who is the founder of VBS? ›

The origins of Vacation Bible School can be traced back to Hopedale, Illinois in 1894. Sunday school teacher D. T. Miles, who also was a public school teacher, felt she was limited by time constraints in teaching the Bible to children. So, she started a daily Bible school to teach children during the summer.

Is VBS hard to learn? ›

VBScript language is used in QTP for coding and running Automated Test Scripts. This is not a very difficult language to learn and with a little knowledge of basic programming skills and passion for writing code, anyone can learn this easily. For those who know Visual Basic, it is an added advantage.

Is VBS still relevant? ›

VBS has been carefully stewarded for over a century as an effective tool for sharing the gospel. The reason VBS remains attractional and so important is because it gives churches the opportunity to impact lives for eternity as kids, teens, and adults come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ.

What is the main idea of waves? ›

All kinds of waves have the same fundamental properties of reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference, and all waves have a wavelength, frequency, speed and amplitude. A wave can be described by its length, height (amplitude) and frequency. All waves can be thought of as a disturbance that transfers energy.

What is the summary of wave? ›

A wave is a regular disturbance which carries energy but has no mass. Some waves require a medium to travel through (e.g. water waves) others, like light, can travel through a vacuum. In transverse waves the particles of the medium vibrate at right angles to the direction of energy transfer.

What are the 3 types of waves called? ›

Based on the orientation of particle motion and direction of energy, there are three categories:
  • Mechanical waves.
  • Electromagnetic waves.
  • Matter waves.

What is the breaking of waves called? ›

There are four basic types of breaking waves: spilling, plunging, collapsing, and surging.

What is waves in simple words? ›

What is a wave? A wave is a disturbance in a medium that carries energy without a net movement of particles. It may take the form of elastic deformation, a variation of pressure, electric or magnetic intensity, electric potential, or temperature.

What does VBS mean? ›

Virtualization-based security (VBS) is technology that abstracts computer processes from the underlying operating system and, in some cases, hardware. It isolates these processes from one another, with the goal of protecting the operating system (OS) and device against malware and other attacks.

Is it vacation Bible school or vacation Bible school? ›

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a religious term usually used to represent a week long event in the summer.

Why is vacation Bible school important? ›

VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ. As older Christian adults, we can provide a solid biblical foundation for faith development for these children—because VBS offers an opportunity to introduce children and youth to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

How do I plan a vacation Bible school? ›

Essential steps for planning a vacation Bible school
  1. Finalize dates. Mark the calendar as soon as possible so staff members, volunteers, and families can save the dates. ...
  2. Choose a location. ...
  3. Pick a theme. ...
  4. Set enrollment goals. ...
  5. Recruit staff members. ...
  6. Promote your VBS. ...
  7. Create an activities schedule. ...
  8. Train your team.
6 Jul 2021

Is VBS still used? ›

VBScript is used as a scripting language in one of the popular Automation testing tools – Quick Test Professional abbreviated as QTP. VBScript is used for Client side scripting in Microsoft Internet Explorer. VBScript is used mostly by Windows System administrators for automating the Windows Desktop.

Can a teacher read the Bible in school? ›

For example, teachers and other public school officials, acting in their official capacities, may not lead their classes in prayer, devotional readings from the Bible, or other religious activities, nor may school officials use their authority to attempt to persuade or compel students to participate in prayer or other ...


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