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Finally I seePower Rangers RPM! After patiently waiting, Hasbro has finally uploaded Season 17 ofPower Rangersto YouTube. This series seems to be a little divisive, but many fans seem to really love this season. RPM is modeled after the last season of the Disney eraMotor Sentai Go-Onger, and ran for 32 episodes. Belong to the main castEka Darvilleals RPM Red Scott Truman,Ari Boylandals RPM Blue Flynn McAllistair,Rose McIverals RPM Yellow Summer Landsdown,Milo Cawthorneals RPM Green Ziggy Grover,Daniel Ewingals RPM Black Dillon,Mike Ginals RPM Gold Gem,Li Minghuals RPM Silver Gemma,Olivia Tennettas Doctor K,James Gaylinals Oberst Mason Truman,Adelaide Kanelike Tenaya 7/15 andAndreas Laingas the voice of Venjix.

number of revolutionstakes place in a different dimension than other seasons in the not too distant future. The Venjix virus has basically made the world unsafe except within the domed city of Corinth. There, Earth's last hope for humanity are the Power Rangers, who stand up to Venjix and his army of Grinders and Attack Bots. The season is often considered one ofPower Rangers' darkest and most mature, which is one of the reasons fans love him.

I have to admit I went innumber of revolutionswith pretty high hopes and expectations because of all the hype I've heard. In my opinion it lives up to the hype. My understanding is thatnumber of revolutionsshould be the last season ofPower Rangers, and I think we can see a pattern emerging. One season is meant to be the last, the team creates a fantastic season because they usually take more liberties and write more of what they want and the fans love it.In spaceshould be the end and it's one of the best seasons out there.Wild Powershould also be the ending and while I personally don't have it in my top 10, many fans love it. Also, I'll admit that all three had some darker and more serious tones in them. PerhapsPower Rangersshould learn something from it.

We basically start the season with Dillon trying to find Corinth and then he meets Ziggy who leads him back to town and that's where we're first introduced to Scott, Flynn and Summer who are already Power Rangers. In episode two, Dillon becomes RPM Black, and in episode four we have our five-man core team with Ziggy to RPM Green. As the season progressed, I realized thatGo-Ongermust be oneSentaiThis starts with three core rangers like Abaranger, eventually growing to five and then seven. The morphers are different, some details on the suits are different, etc. However, I really like that RPM really didn't spend time with only three rangers and they gave us a core five quickly without the rush like other seasons felt.

Dillon's story is that he doesn't remember anything from his past, not even his name, and he's trying to figure it out. Eventually, he learns that he is a cyborg (human-robot hybrid) with part of the Venjix virus inside him. He also learns that he has a sister and it's Tenaya 7, creating an interesting dynamic that seems borrowed from In Space. Ranger discovers her long lost sister is one of the bad guys, convinces the sister she starts to become good, bad guys kidnap her and make her badder, towards the end of the season the sister returns to the good side. It worked really well forIn spaceand even works well (though not quite as well in my opinion) here innumber of revolutions. My main issue is that I felt that Ewing's performance was one of the weakest and therefore I didn't pay too much attention to his character.

One thing I really enjoyed is that over the course of the first 11 episodes we get an episode (or two if you're Summer) that highlights Ranger's (and Doctor K's) backstory. The only exception is Dillon, as much of the season revolves around his backstory and the mystery there. We learn that Scott was a fighter pilot whose brother died trying to fight off Venjix. This helps illustrate the tension with his father, Col. Truman. Summer was a spoiled rich girl with a holy butler who helped her see that she could be so much more and become someone who helps others. Flynn has always been someone who helped others, sometimes even to his detriment, like losing countless jobs for doing the right thing. Ziggy has a heart of gold and went behind the backs of a crime boss to help an orphanage. After all, Doctor K grew up in a bunker because she was a genius and created Venjix. I really liked having these episodes early in the season to help us invest in them early and not distract from the larger story later when it gets strong. In fact, there are times when it helps serve those bigger stories, like the constant return of the aforementioned crime boss Fresno Bob trying to get even with Ziggy. The latter is particularly helpful and useful as it creates a second antagonist to cause trouble for the Rangers without it always being Venjix and Tenaya.

(Video) Why You Should Watch Power Rangers RPM (Funny Moments)

Now many are talking about hownumber of revolutionsis darker and more serious, but it's not without its brevity and fun. In fact, it's a pretty fun time of year. Ziggy is meant to be a comic relief character and he fulfills that role fantastically. In the episode "Ranger Blue," the Rangers ask Doctor K some questions (clip below) about their suits, morphing, zords, and more to poke fun at the franchise and break the fourth wall a bit. Then, later in the episode, Tenaya 7 talks to Flynn during a fight (clip below) and once again pokes fun at the Power Rangers meta, listing what stereotypical role each of the other Rangers fill and asking what his role for which he replies "I'm Scottish!" That is really funny. Also, there's the obligatory clip show episode, "And...Action!" This episode is very different from the previous ones as the Rangers don't reminisce about previous fights and moments, more like an extra behind-the-scenes feature you'd find on a DVD would. The strange thing is that they do it in character. It's not Cawthorne, McIver, etc. showing us how the crew does their amazing jobs, or how special effects are implemented, etc. It's Ziggy, Summer, Flynn, etc., showing us all of this. It creates a fun and very weird experience because it makes you wonder if RPM is really a reality show or a universal TV show or something.

It's time to talk about the ranger items and goodies. Overall, I like the theme of combining an animal with a vehicle. I think it lends itself well to a few different ideas and works overall. The helmets for the Rangers are pretty cool and distinctive. I like them. The main suits are something I'm not a fan of. I like the cool stylized numbers but I think the shoulder straps are what kills me. I get that it's styled like cool racing harnesses, but I just don't care about them. However, I do like the cogs and wheels on the ends of the gloves and boots and how they serve a function. There are times when the rangers use these in fights, or sometimes it helps to signal that the ranger is about to use their special power. I like the. The outfits aren't my favorite because of the seat belts, but I like a lot of the other design choices. The individual weapons are kind of cool, but I have a feeling we don't see them used very often. I think Scott and Ziggy use theirs the most independently, but most of the time these weapons are brought out to instantly form the Road Blaster, Turbo Plasma Launcher, or RPM Enforcer. The morphers are pretty cool and I definitely prefer the Rev morpher (green and black) over the others, but none of the morphers feel iconic or notable.

Now let's talk about Zords. Overall I like the Zords. The eyes don't bother me. I know they really are Optical Field Scanning Sensors, but I agree with the Rangers. Those are eyes! The overall design is okay, although I feel like the Wolf Cruiser doesn't look like a wolf at all and the Lion Hauler is pretty lackluster too. I think my favorite might be the Eagle Racer. It's also fun that there are four different (six if you count when 2+ Megazords are combined) Megazords in the series, although none of them replace any of the others as many previous seasons have seen. The only one not tied to a Ranger's core Zord is the PaleoMax Megazord, and it feels like a smooth complement rather than a replacement for the other Megazords. However, none of the Megazords really grab my attention. They all felt "meh" to me in terms of design.

One area I haven't really talked about is Gem and Gemma. To be honest, I don't like her that much. They have interesting aspects like Doctor K's friends/pseudo-family in their younger days and have solid moments with other Rangers like in Heroes Among Us and Not So Simple. However, her general personality of acting first and asking questions later mixed with connected sentences just wasn't my cup of tea.

In total,number of revolutionsis a fantastic season. The story is well crafted and each character is given plenty of room to shine and grow. We see the character arcs unravel at the end, there's plenty of humor and it does a good job of throwing in just enough drama. It feels like a show that doesn't take itself seriously, but everyone who works on it took the project seriously and gave it their all. There are a lot of great moments throughout the season that also subtly tell us something about the relationships between the characters (like when Summer tells the other Rangers what Doctor K's password is) and everyone seemed to have good chemistry. I highly recommend watchingnumber of revolutions. Now I have to waitPower rangers samuraibe uploaded.

(Video) Rain - Black Ranger's First Morph and Fight (E3) | RPM | Power Rangers Official

Current ranking of the Power Rangers:

  1. Power Rangers in Space

  2. Power Rangers Zeo

  3. Power Rangers RPM

  4. Power Rangers Zeitkraft

  5. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Staffel 1

  6. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Staffel 3

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  7. Power Rangers lightspeed rescue

  8. Power Rangers Dino Donner

  9. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Staffel 2

  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  11. Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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  13. Power Rangers Wild Force

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  15. Power Rangers-Turbo

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How did Power Rangers RPM end? ›

In 2009 Power Rangers RPM ended with a shot of main villain Venjix trapped in one of the team's morphers. It was an ominous cliffhanger to end the season on, one fans have hoped for years would get some kind of resolution. Well, over 10 years later, it finally happened.

Are Power Rangers rpms dark? ›

Power Rangers RPM is the darkest of all the Power Rangers seasons up to this point. The show begins in medias res, with over 90 percent of the human population wiped out by an evil virus. The last remnants of humanity live in a dome, protected by the RPM Rangers.

What is the meaning of Power Rangers RPM? ›

Production. Australian actor Eka Darville, who previously starred in series three of Blue Water High, was reported to have a role in September 2008 in what was then unknown as RPM or Racing Performance Machines which began production in September 2008 in New Zealand.

Is Power Rangers RPM the best? ›

"R.P.M." is the best Power Rangers series since the 1990s stuff because the casting and premise are rather good. Nothing too outstanding here but nice morning television to have a coffee in front of. The cool pilot episode will surprise some long-time fans.

Who is the strongest enemy in Power Rangers? ›

1 Lord Zedd In Mighty Morphin

Lord Zedd was the main antagonist in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was the true leader of the Evil Space Aliens. He was a pivotal character in many seasons of the franchise. His monsters were the most powerful in the series, and his plans went way beyond destroying the Rangers.

Who is the longest serving Power Ranger? ›

Along with having the most episode appearances, Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) also holds the record for having the longest continuous stint as leader of the team, being named leader in the early half of Season 2 when he received the White Ranger powers, and not leaving until half-way through Power Rangers Turbo, in ...


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