Putts or putts? - Spelling correct how to spell (2023)

Putts or putts? - Spelling correct how to spell (1)


Wrong spelling, explanation: add-ingWhen we end in a verb that ends in consonant-vowel-consonant, we have to double the last consonant. This is why spellingWhiteis there wrongtshould be doubled. Following this rule is the only correct spellingWells.

Putts or putts? - Spelling correct how to spell (2)


Correct spelling, explanation: The core verb in this gerund form isplace. According to the rule, if the verb ends in consonant-vowel-consonant, if we want to add a suffix, we double the last consonant-ingor-ed. Hence the correct form of-ingA form ofplaceisWells– with doublet.Whiteis wrong.

definition ofWells:
Verb, gerund/present participle ofplace, place something somewhere
You can protect your property byWellsthem in the hotel safe.
TrotzWellsAfter putting the finishing touches on the cake, John wasn't happy with the result.
I wasWellsmy groceries in my bag while my husband paid for them.
AfterWellsAfter their home went up for sale, the couple began packing to move.
while she wasWellsHer clothes in the wash, Anne realized she had left her favorite shirt at the laundromat.

expressions withWells:
Some common expressions with the wordWellscontain:
Wellstwo and two together– to make a connection or draw a conclusion based on the available information,
I wasn't sure what was going on at first, but after thatWellstwo and two together, I realized there had been a misunderstanding.
Wellson a brave face– to act boldly or strongly, even when one is afraid or worried,
She was nervous about her presentation, but sheplaceon a brave face and gave an excellent lecture.
Wellson airs- to behave in an overbearing or affected manner, as if one were superior to others,
I don't like it when peopleplaceon airs - I just want to be treated like a normal person.

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32 thoughts on “Putting or putting”?

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  1. you spelled it right

  2. how to spell golf putt

  3. Okay, I have to admit - this site was super helpful. Especially the examples helped me to remember that the correct spelling is with a double tt

  4. It is very embarrassing when a "grammar expert" writes with bad or wrong grammar. What on earth is “Therefore, the correct form of -ing form of put…” is supposed to mean? And how can you trust a grammar source where no one bothers to proofread anything?

  5. another example of stupidity. Old school is always right. Putting, not putting...unless you play golf, of course.

  6. Great explanation, thanks, I hadn't seen the comments before. I'm glad I got the word right, even if my reasoning was wrong 🙂

  7. I was taught at school that puting (putting something in place) is an English word that breaks the rule of putting double consonants on consonants, vowels, consonants, of which there are many English words that break these rules violated Putting is putting like golf. I believe the rule is not fixed as it depends on what the sound of the word is. Making putt (puhtt) put (poot) when the vowel is added only makes the same sound if you omit the double letter rule, so putt seems wrong and other sites say both are correct, but I've never seen it that putting was used up until the last 20 years or so. I laughed out loud when I saw the slogan: People First!

  8. To the guest of March 26, 2021 - Breathing and breathing are two different words.

    Get some air first.
    Just breath.

  9. was my putting level today?
    My pudding was at eye level today
    what is your favorite taste when putting?
    I stirred the putting slowly during the heat
    I would touch her as I putt with a graceful wrap-around technique, always meeting her needs first.

  10. The distinction between golf and non-golf is determined by context. It's common in English. Other examples are wind, breath, star, etc.

    Did you hear the wind last night?
    did you wake up the alarm?

    Get some air first. Vs just breathe

  11. And what are golfers doing near the hole?

  12. I always say "putting", how else do you differentiate between the golf term "putting" and putting, i.e. placing... or should that mean "placing"? Sorry, but putting is the correct spelling in my opinion. When I lived in the UK, schools taught us that 'puting' is the correct spelling for non-golf use of the word.

  13. Regarding my last comment: I wanted to write this in monosyllabic words like put or fit, or in polysyllabic words where the LAST syllable is stressed (like reMIT or perMIT, then putting, fitting, remitting and permitting are correct in British English.

  14. When a word ends in a consonant but the final syllable is not stressed, such as in benefit, then benefiting is more acceptable than benefitting in British English. For monosyllabic words like "put" or "fit" or words where the first syllable is stressed (e.g. "remit"), "putting", "fitting" or "remitting" is correct in British English.

  15. Yes, I know I replied to the other person's comment about "boring" and "core" 🙂

  16. Core means the core part of the word, not the word "core". And core "put" ends with "t", which is a consonant. Hope everything is clear now.

  17. Bore and core end in "e", not a consonant

  18. Doesn't "Coring" throw a spanner in the works? And boring'?

  19. To swimis a correct spelling.

  20. swim

  21. My computer automatically corrects it to put it like this... @[Email Protected]Isn't putting playing golf or something?

  22. Yes, putting is the only correct form and has a green tick next to it. Only thing is it's not the first, but it's on purpose as this page is for those who google the misspelled "puting" instead of the correct "putting". Hope everything is clear now.

  23. However, it shows a large (white on) red cross next to the correct spelling of the word I was searching for.
    Would you mind putting a tick next to the correct spelling of the verb meaning "to put"?

  24. Why is putting later described as correct but considered misspelled on top of a big red spot?
    Why does Collins English online dictionary and Dictionary.com think it's spelled with two T's?
    Why is my Windows OS now underlined here in red if it's not an error?
    I haven't studied Proficiency in English but I still feel belittled for not simply applying the rules... until I consider that the word "put" is a syllable... obviously the most stressed syllable, so we follow the rule… double final consonant and add 'ing'. Whether we added "ing" to "put" or "putt" needs to be determined by the context so we know how to pronounce it correctly. English has an incredible amount of words that are exceptions to the rules, but this is not one of them. Please correct the logic so those who are learning and are unsure can spell this and many other words without confusion. You have to know... you can't stress one end of a syllable anymore... i.e. There is only one syllable to stress.

    Put - 1. Move or place to a specific position. As in: She placed the lamp in the center of the table.
    2. Bringing into a certain state or condition, causing (someone or something) to be subject. As in: It calmed him down after his daughter called to confirm she was safe at home.
    Putting - Hitting a golf ball gently across the green in hopes of hitting the hole.

    Some monosyllabic

    English grammar rules when adding “ing” to the end of a word: Continuous verbs and gerunds end in “-ing” and have special spelling rules. If a verb ends in "e", drop the "e" and add "-ing". For example: "take + ing = take". If a monosyllabic verb ends in vowel + consonant, double the last consonant and add "-ing". Rules for adding "ing" to a word: 1. The stress must go at the end of the word. 2. The word must end with a, consonant, vowel and then another consonant.
    IE: Put consists of a consonant, then a vowel, then another consonant. Therefore, only “ing” needs to be added to the word. However, some monosyllabic words follow the condition consonant, vowel, consonant, so the last consonant is repeated as in: stop – stop. The exception rule here is when the stress is at the beginning of the word, as in: open or visit. If the stress is at the beginning of the word, just add "ing".

    Put consists entirely of consonant, vowel, consonant and the stress is on the letter "P". So just add “ing” to make “puting”. Putt has two consonants at the end of the word, so the stress comes at the end of the word, so two consonants should appear before the suffix "ing", since "putt" already has two consonants, only the "ing" needs to be added to make " putting". Anyone who has studied Proficiency in English understands this rule and can distinguish the distinct difference between the meanings and spellings of puting and putting, which are in fact two completely different words with two completely different meanings and two completely different pronunciations. One is pronounced "Put"ing and the other is pronounced "Putt"ing.

    Welcome to America! Learn the language now! Learn the vowels, understand the difference between a vowel and a consonant, as well as nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions. These rules of the English language are long established and when used correctly, clarify the spelling and/or usage of everyday words.

  26. Thanks. I questioned that because I wasn't sure if it really is a homograph with the golf term since it's not a homophone. I think it's one of those rare cases after all.

    (Side note, no one really cares about a guest's birthday on a page that's so small, a guest who commented in April. On the other hand, that means I mean real - but generic / catchall - E -Can use mail for commenting without worrying)

  27. Putting – Golf
    Set - place

  28. That's exactly what I was thinking, now I understand, thanks.

  29. I want to say thanks.


  31. ok great! By the way, my birthday is April 13th. But don't say the year.

  32. Ok

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