Set auto reply/out of office message in Outlook Web (2023)

When you're on vacation or away from the office for more than a day, the out-of-office autoresponder can be beneficial for your email. It keeps people from expecting an immediate response while recovering from illness or on vacation.

The message is designed to let your friends, colleagues, and clients know that you are away from work and will be back by a specific date.

Sharing a little bit of information can strengthen your relationships with your colleagues and customers and create marketing opportunities. However, many users hesitate to use the feature in their email when they are on the go and miss out on customers due to their lack of reply.

This article will tell you more about out of office and the procedure to set it in your Outlook. So let's get started!

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What is Auto Answer/Absence?

How to set auto reply/out of office message in Outlook Web?

Benefits of setting auto reply/out of office message

Always active

Deepen relationships with people

Gives valuable information

Generate more website traffic

How to set auto reply/out of office message in Outlook app?

frequently asked Questions

Final Thoughts

What is Auto Answer/Absence?

The auto reply or out of office message is a notification that people receive when they try to reach someone who is currently unavailable. It usually includes information about how long the person will be unavailable, contact information, who to reach, and when to return.

You can set the out-of-office replies from Outlook Web, the desktop client, and the mobile application. Here's an example to get an idea of ​​what the message looks like.

Greetings! I am currently on vacation and out of the office until [date]. Until then, if you need urgent help, please contact [colleague] at [email] or [phone number] for help.

Automatic replies or away messages are necessary to maintain good relationships with people and generate more traffic by providing valuable and accurate information.

Consider reading the full article to learn how to set up an out of office message or auto replies.

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How to set auto reply/out of office message in Outlook Web?

You can set the automatic reply, also known as an out-of-office message, viaAutomatic repliesOptions in Outlook Web. You can find the option under thePostIdeas. Outlook Web offers custom message options and time periods for your automatic replies.

Setting up out of office messages in Outlook web is effortless. Find out the process in the following articles.

Here are the steps to set auto replies or out of office replies in Outlook web:

  • open yoursBrowser.
  • VisitOutlook-Web.
  • Registrationwith your account.
  • Press theIdeasButton from the top band.
  • Click on thatShow all Outlook settingsPossibility.
  • Go toAutomatic repliesof thePostSection.
  • Turn theTurn on automatic replies.
  • Make possibleOnly send replies during a specific period of timeand set a time period if you want.
  • Enter your message and press theSave on computerbutton to complete the process.

In addition, you can switch onBlock my calendar for this period,Automatically decline new invitations to events taking place during this period, AndDecline and cancel my meetings during this periodOptions to customize to your preferences.

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Benefits of setting auto reply/out of office message

Did you just get an automated response from your colleague that they will be off work until a certain date? Well, that's the advantage of this option. It can be active 24/7, providing detailed information and guidelines for your close people or others and redirecting them to another location if necessary.

Here are the benefits of auto-reply or out-of-office messages in Outlook:

Always active

The biggest benefit of setting auto reply or out of office messages is that you can keep them active when you are on vacation or vacation and not worry about the time. It can operate 24/7 and let people know that you are away from work.

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Deepen relationships with people

You can deepen your relationship with others by sharing small pieces of information with your friends, colleagues, and clients. It will show that you value them and care about their message. It will create a good connection and a deep relationship with the people around you.

Gives valuable information

While you're away from work, people can get anxious about not connecting with you. The automatic reply tells them that you are on vacation and will be back by the date specified.

The valuable information will put them at ease, and additional information in the auto-reply will guide them when they seek immediate help.

Generate more website traffic

You can paste the company information or website link in your message and guide new customers. You can get help and service from your company with your carefully provided messages. You can secure new customers even during your absence.

When you're away from work and Outlook web access, you can still use the Outlook apps to get in touch for automatic replies or out-of-office replies. Consider reading the following section to get a better idea of ​​the hiring process.

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How to set auto reply/out of office message in Outlook app?

Outlook auto replies can be enabled and customized from both desktop and mobile. The mobile application provides simplified response options for everyone or the people in your organization. In contrast, the Outlook desktop client provides users with rules and multiple options for sending messages.

In this article, you will find the best and easiest ways to set auto replies on both PC and mobile platforms. Let's take a look.

Here are the ways to set auto reply/out of office message on Outlook desktop:

  • Start yourOutlook-Desktop-Client.
  • Go tofile.
  • Click onAutomatic repliesof theDie InfoTab.
  • Select theSend automatic repliesPossibility.
  • To turn onOnly transmit within this areaand set your start and end time.
  • Enter your message and pressOKto confirm the changes.

If you work under an organization you will find two different messaging options,Within my organizationAndOutside my organization. You can set different messages and customize them with your personal choice. These options are only available on the Outlook desktop client.

The mobile Outlook application gives you mobility and offers service anywhere. You may be unreachable from web or desktop client access, but you can easily set the out of office reply with the mobile app.

Here's a full guide on how to do itAdd signature in Outlook 365.

To enable auto reply in Outlook mobile:

  • OpenOutlook mobilApplication.
  • Go toIdeas.
  • Click on your Outlook 365 accounts belowEmail Accounts.
  • Make possibleAutomatic replies.
  • Chooseanswer everyoneorOnly reply to my organization.
  • Enter your auto reply message.
  • Press the save button at the top right to confirm the change.

The option is automatically set toOnly reply to my organization. You can only select one option to send the automatic replies in Outlook mobile.

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frequently asked Questions

Are out of office and auto reply the same thing?

Yes, it's the same options. The automatic reply is also known as an out-of-office message.

How do I enable out of office in Outlook Web Access?

To turn off the out of office option, go toSettings > View All Outlook Settings > Email > Automatic Repliesand disable the option.

How do I get the Within My Organization and Outside My Organization options?

You need an office or school account to use either option. You can use different messages and customize them in different ways. Personal accounts only offer an auto-reply option.

Final Thoughts

The away message is awesome when you are having a good time with your family or recovering from an illness. It can keep people connected by providing brief and important information.

The inconveniences arise when people don't use them in emails and don't maintain a good connection with close people and customers.

In this article, I have provided the effortless ways to insert out of office messages into your Outlook email. And I believe you are having a wonderful holiday by setting auto reply.


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