The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (2023)

Missouri's days as the rugged gateway to the western border may be long gone, but a slew of eclectic Airbnbs mean there are still plenty of adventurous experiences for the next generation.

Once the hub for westward travel on the hiking trails of Santa Fe, California and Oregon, Missouri is now a bedrock of Midwestern music, delicious food and outdoor recreation.

And one of the best ways to explore the hills and highlands of the Show-Me State is by booking one of these unique Missouri Airbnbs, each with their own local, unique vibe.

Here are 12 of the best Airbnbs in Missouri for every traveler, regardless of your budget or interests.

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1. The tree loft

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (1)

Why you should stay:Lots of luxury in the leaves.

  • Ort:Perryville
  • sleeping places:2
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$239/night

Disconnect from the real world and immerse yourself in nature while reminiscing about your childhood days inTreeloft at base camp. There is no Wi-Fi or TV and only limited cell service, so your peace and tranquility will not be interrupted when you stay in this bespoke luxury treehouse. You have a lot of privacy as it is nestled in the woods on a 20 acre farm.

The perfect setting for romance, couples can soak in the hot tub together or curl up by the fireplace to watch a movie, do a crossword puzzle or otherwise enjoy quality time together. Then gaze up at the stars through the skylight from your king-size bed.

Before you turn in, be sure to use the remote-controlled sunshade so you don't get woken up too early by the sun. It really is one of the more romantic Airbnbs in Missouri.

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2. Silo farm house

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (2)

Why you should stay:Stay in a funky silo in Ste. Genevieve wine country.

  • Ort:They are. Genevieve
  • sleeping places:4
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$189/night

If you are looking for a unique stay in a tranquil setting, this is itSilo farm housedefinitely delivers. A grain elevator converted into a rustic custom designed home, it sits on a 200 acre farm in the heart of wine country.

Although it sleeps four, it might be best for a couple, unless privacy isn't an issue and two guests don't mind sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. The bedroom is upstairs and is furnished with a queen-size bed.

Look forward to sipping your coffee from the porch swing while watching the sun rise, sampling the offerings of area wineries, and after dark gazing at incredible stars far from the city lights.

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3. Augusta-Haus

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (3)

Why you should stay:Sip your newfound favorite wine on the cute covered porch.

  • Ort:Augusta
  • sleeping places:6
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices from:$232/night

DiesHouse from the middle of the 19th centuryhighlights many of its original features while incorporating modern conveniences. Nestled in the heart of Missouri's wine country, it's ideal for wine-loving couples who enjoy tastings and tours and might want to bring a bottle to sip on the private screened-in porch off the largest bedroom.

Luckily, it's also spacious and family-friendly enough to bring the kids -- though they might not want to take part in a wine tasting.

Guests often comment that chefs will surely appreciate the spacious kitchen, while others find the spa-like bathroom a highlight of the home.

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4. Branson Farmhouse

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (4)

Why you should stay:The perfect stay to explore the city of Branson.

  • Ort:Branson
  • sleeping places:6
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$150/night

This is a perfect place to enjoy the many attractions in Branson ranging from the Dolly Parton Stage Show to a museum housed in a replica of the Titanicmodern house in country styleis in the heart of the city.

Luckily it's on a cul-de-sac overlooking the forest, so you're close to the action but can sleep in peace. And since your hosts have lived here all their lives, they can be your insider guides for planning the perfect trip.

A great backyard, washer and dryer, and all the usual amenities of home are included, making this one of the best value Airbnbs in Missouri, especially for six people.

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5. The Ivory Fork Cabin

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (5)

Why you should stay:Feel the real safari vibes at this peaceful Ozarks getaway.

  • Ort:Crane
  • sleeping places:6
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices from:$150/night

A getaway a little further away from the tourist crowds of Branson, theIvory fork cabinis a peaceful, private retreat approximately 40 miles from Branson and 30 miles from Springfield. Enjoy your morning coffee on the front porch before exploring the area, perhaps floating or paddling on the James River, hiking the nearby scenic trails or taking a trip to Lavender Falls.

There is also plenty to do on the property including outdoor lawn games. It's also one of the better dog-friendly Airbnbs in Missouri, as there's only a $35 fee for cleaning (but be sure to let the owners know in advance that a puppy is coming).

The house looks like it was designed for the cover of an architecture magazine, and the surrounding Ozarks are almost as pretty. Come back after a day outdoors and spend the evening barbecuing on the deck and cozying up on the patio. Supplies for s'mores are included - along with hot cocoa, games, WiFi and a TV with Netflix for those rainy days.

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6. Das Gatsby-Penthouse

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (6)

Why you should stay:Luxurious apartment from the 1930s in the highest residential area in the capital.

  • Ort:St. Louis
  • sleeping places:10
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$664 night

ThatGatsby-Penthouseonly for VIPs – or at least for people who want to feel like a VIP. Located in the tallest residential building in the city, it covers more than 4,000 square feet, justifying the high cost.

This is one of the more expensive Airbnbs in Missouri, but hey, it does have a bit of group sleeping. It also offers 360 degree views of St. Louis, with a patio at either end of the apartment if you want to hang out outdoors in the evenings.

A stay here is one you won't soon forget. It's like stepping back in time as well as into another world of high-end vintage luxury. In fact, the house has been used for numerous photo shoots. And, bonus: You have access to the building's pool in the summer, which can come in handy on hot St. Louis afternoons.

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7. Mid-century house on 50 acres

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (7)

Why you should stay:Treat yourself to your own private resort.

  • Ort:Union
  • sleeping places:fifteen
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$675/night

Are you looking for a perfect place for a family reunion, a getaway for a large group of friends or maybe even a company outing? Thisextra spacious homewas "inspired" by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is set on 50 private acres that includes everything from a koi pond to a swimming pool.

Union is less than an hour from St. Louis, making it easy to enjoy activities in the city while still having plenty of space to yourself at home. It's also close to Jefferson City where you can take a tour of the spooky and fantastical Missouri State Penitentiary.

Back at the Airbnb, you'll have extras like pool toys, life jackets, beach towels, and everything you need for a day close to home.

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8. Prairie Hollow Hideaway

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (8)

Why you should stay:Stay in a log cabin like the early Missouri pioneers.

  • Ort:Eminence
  • sleeping places:7
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$115/night

This postcard-perfectlog cabinmight be what you picture when you think of a classic Missouri getaway. It's a place to slow down and enjoy a more relaxed and contemporary lifestyle for a few tau days.

There's no TV and few electronics, and while there's technically Wi-Fi, it's spotty and best for email and texting, not streaming Netflix. Home is an opportunity to simply enjoy a relaxing experience without the hum of electronics.

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You'll be close to hiking at nearby Echo Bluff State Bluff or you can enjoy the nearby amenities like a fire pit, picnic area, creek and porch swing.

There are no other houses in sight which offers a lot of privacy and seclusion. The base price makes it one of the cheaper Airbnbs in Missouri, though there's an additional $10 fee for each guest after the first two.

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9. The aviator penthouse loft

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (9)

Why you should stay:Insanely chic digs near St. Louis' hottest neighborhood.

  • Ort:St. Louis
  • sleeping places:10
  • Minimum stay:1 night
  • Prices from:$449/night

DiesTwo bedroom apartmentis extra spacious and ultra-luxurious, a penthouse that occupies the entire floor of a building in which it is the only residence. Located in the Mid Town Alley area, it is a short walk from the world famous Pappy's Smokehouse.

The well-known restaurant is famous for Memphis-style barbecues, including ribs that have been voted America's best by the Food Network. The whole neighborhood is super hip and full of breweries, trendy restaurants, farmers markets and historic buildings.

It's all about quality here, from the high quality Ralph Lauren linens and towels to the fantastic beds.

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10. Hamptons Waterside Hideaway

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (10)

Why you should stay:Perfect for both an active and relaxing vacation, complete with kayaks.

  • Ort:Innsbach
  • sleeping places:10
  • Minimum stay:2 nights
  • Prices from:$400/night

You don't have to leave once you achieve thisBeautiful chalet on the water. It's a vacation destination in itself, complete with a private dock for fishing, kayaks for paddling around the small lake, and an outdoor fire pit for making s'mores.

If you feel like exploring, there are sandy bathing beaches and many scenic hiking trails within a 15-minute drive from the house. The spacious interior contains all the necessities and you will be amazed as soon as you step inside.

The dining room looks like a chic restaurant annex, and in addition to a large terrace, you also get a private waterfront pier to enjoy sunny summer days.

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11. Modern Farmhouse

The 11 Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in Missouri (11)

Why you should stay:Sprawling, luxurious home close to the summer fun of the Ozarks.

  • Ort:Ridgedale
  • sleeping places:16
  • Minimum stay:3 nights
  • Prices from:$347/night

Cedar homesteadoffers a secluded retreat on 8 acres of wilderness in the Ozarks and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor space for a large group.

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It has some great amenities that will ensure nobody gets bored, including several tree swings and a zip line. After dark, turn off the lights and relax in the hot tub while gazing up and enjoying the millions of bright stars.

Some of the other highlights include a wood-burning fireplace on a large upper deck, entertainment options such as a home theater room with seating for large groups, and a pool table. And since you're in the Ozarks, everything from hiking to rafting to floating beach bars is at your fingertips.

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