The Crane Resort Barbados Review: Historic Beach Hotel in St. Philip - Next stop Barbados (2023)

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Looking for an unforgettable resort in Barbados? The crane will not disappoint you! Located on the rugged southeast coast, Crane Resort Barbados is a high-end hideaway with a view. It was the first place I stayed at on my first trip to Barbados and I felt relaxed as soon as I stepped onto the beautiful grounds. Here's everything you need to know about staying at the Crane Resort so you can decide if it's right for you.

Highlights of Crane Resort Barbados:

  • Oldest continuously operating hotel in the Caribbean
  • Quiet location on the southeast coast of Barbados
  • Numerous pools, gardens and resort facilities with palm trees and sea views
  • In close proximity to Crane Beach (one of the most beautiful beaches on the island)
  • 7 restaurants and dining options including a poolside restaurant
  • Large rooms with luxurious bathrooms and kitchenettes
  • Check prices and availability

About Crane Resort Barbados

The Crane Resorthas been in operation for over 100 years and is one of the longest running hotels in the Caribbean. Early visitors were blown away by the beauty of Crane Beach, which is still considered one of the best beaches on the island!

The resort's cliff-side location means there's always a fresh breeze blowing through the property, so it's no wonder guests flock here to unwind. Today, the Crane Resort welcomes visitors and permanent residents year-round to enjoy world-class views.

Book the Crane Resort in Barbados now.

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Where is the Crane Barbados?

The crane is in theParish of St Philipin an area called Diamond Valley. Located on the southeast coast of Barbados, the resort looks out to sea over Crane Beach, apopular pink sand beach in Barbados.

How far is Crane Resort from Barbados Airport?

The Crane Resort is just a short drive east from Grantley Adams International Airport. The driving distance is about 8 km and the driving time is 10-15 minutes.

Does Crane Resort provide a shuttle to the airport?

The Crane offers airport transfers at an additional cost. Currently the price for two people is $40 one way or $58 round trip.

To request this service there is a form on the Crane website where you can enter your flight information and book a transfer.

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The Crane Resort Barbados review

What is it like staying at Crane Resort Barbados? This review section will break down what to expect!

rooms and suites

The Crane has over a dozen different suites to choose from. There are junior suites, as well as one-, two-, and three-bedroom options for families and groups of all sizes.

All suites are filled with old-world charm and feature air-conditioning, ceiling fans, beautiful wooden furniture, luxurious marble bathrooms, whirlpool tubs with whirlpool tubs, separate showers, and free Wi-Fi. Rooms feature either a kitchenette or full kitchen for preparing meals, and outside your door you are just steps from the resort's world-class amenities.

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Even the smallest option, the Junior Suite, is spacious, beautifully designed and comfortable for two people. All suites have large balconies and some even have private pools!

I stayed in a junior suite on my visit and loved having a balcony with lounge chairs overlooking the lush gardens.

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Amenities at The Crane Resort

You won't run out of things to do at The Crane! Guests can enjoy five pools, four restaurants, a spa, bars, tennis courts, shops, and greenery.

The resort is also just steps away from the famous Crane Beach, known for its pink sand!

Get a massage at the Serenity Spa, work up a sweat in the fitness center or book a yoga class directly on site! The Crane can even help arrange a round of golf at the nearby Barbados Golf Club.

There's even a free kids' club for kids between the ages of 4 and 12.

Free parking is also available at The Crane.

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Kranstrand Barbados

Perhaps one of the best aspects of staying at The Crane is the direct access tocrane beach! Crane Beach is a small stretch of pink sand nestled between cliffs.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and intense rock formations, Crane Beach will make you feel like you've stepped into another world!

Guests of The Crane Resort can use umbrellas and sun loungers free of charge. At the bottom of the beach there is a beach bar where you can order food and drinks.

There's also an elevator that connects the resort to the beach, so you don't have to worry about climbing hundreds of stairs.

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Eat in the crane

Be sure to check out all the delicious dining options during your stay at The Crane!

  • Zen-Restaurant:Enjoy Thai and Japanese cuisine overlooking Crane Beach! Formal, open for dinner from 5pm to 8pm, closed Tuesday
  • L’Azure Restaurant:Caribbean flavors and breakfast options with sparkling ocean views. Casual, breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m
  • Trattoria von D'Onofrio:Southern Italian fare and delicious pizza. Casual, open for dinner from 5pm to 8pm
  • The Coach House:The perfect place to have lunch by the pool or try a delicious cocktail. Casual, open for lunch from 11am - 5pm
  • The Grove Beach Bar and Grill:Grab a drink on the beach or a BBQ snack at Crane Beach. Casual, open for lunch from 11am to 4:30pm.
  • Rate 1887:Enjoy wines and drinks at the bar with tasty tapas. Casual, open for drinks and tapas from 4:30pm to 8:00pm.
  • From Dorfcafe:The perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh cakes and gelato or to order a specialty coffee. Casual, open for ice cream, coffee and baked goods from 7am to 7pm.

COVID may affect the opening hours of these restaurants. Please checkdie Crane-Websiteto check opening hours during your trip.

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Activities near the crane

If you want to explore outside of the resort, there are some interesting sights close to The Crane!

  • Castle of Sam Lord:See the ruins of an infamous pirate home that was later converted into a hotel. (3 km away from the crane)
  • Hai-Loch:There are no sharks at this swimming spot, but it's a great place to cool off and is protected from the rough waves by a reef. (2.9 km away from the crane)
  • Tailors of Barbados:A fabulous lunch spot where you can try local sandwiches called Cutters and the award winning Rum Punch. (600 m from the crane)

Crane Barbados Resort Fees

The cost of staying at The Crane Barbados Resort depends on the room you select. Below are some room options. Click on the blue buttons to check prices and availability in real time.

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  • Junior suites
  • One bedroom suites
  • One bedroom suites with private plunge pools
  • Two bedroom deluxe suites with private garden pools
  • Three bedroom penthouse with private plunge pool

Prices are subject to change at any time.You can check the current prices on

Is the Crane Barbados all inclusive?

No, The Crane Barbados is not all inclusive. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious restaurants and bars on the property for guests to enjoy. If you wish, you can include breakfast in your booking.

If you are interested in an all inclusive holiday in Barbados,check out this post!

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Pros and Cons of The Crane Barbados

Every accommodation has advantages and disadvantages. In this section we will break down the pros and cons of staying at Crane Resort.


First off, The Crane is absolutely gorgeous. The property is huge and there is lush plant life, sea views and charming shops to be found throughout.

There are five pools on the property, and the main pool area is perched high on the cliffs and offers expansive views of the sea. There's plenty of space for swimming, sunbathing, or relaxing in the shade while enjoying some of the best views on the island.

The rooms at The Crane are comfortable and spacious. Some rooms even have their own private pool! But standard rooms also offer plenty of space, so you don't feel cramped.

The breakfast buffet is well catered for and the dining area has a beautiful view over Crane Beach. There's no better way to start the day than eating a plate of delicious food while listening to the waves crashing in the distance.

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Some travelers may not like that the crane is in a more remote location. While there are a few restaurants and attractions within walking distance, you'll need to rent a car or take a taxi if you're serious about exploring.

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Final Thoughts: The Crane Barbados

In total,The Historic Crane Resort in Barbadosis a fantastic place to stay in Barbados, offering beautiful views, great service and many appealing on-site amenities. Its stunning grounds and long history make The Crane one of the bestResorts in Barbados.

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