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Are you traveling alone to Puerto Rico? We asked some locals for their tips! Here's everything you need to know, including information on safe places to visit, where to stay, how to get around, where to eat alone and information for solo female travelers.

For an individual consultationIf traveling alone, work with a local to tailor your trip. It's basically like having a best friend in Puerto Rico - they'll tell you about their favorite places on the island, how to get around and what they do to keep them safe.Learn more.

You have many accommodation options

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When choosing from theThe best places to stay in Puerto Rico, locals tell us there are two important questions to consider.

#1. Which city or town would you like to stay in?

• Locals say soThe major cities of Puerto RicoHowSan JuanorPoncehave various accommodation options, from more expensive resorts to affordable Airbnbs. All of this is great for solo travelers as they are so centrally located.

Besides, they notice itOld San Juan is small– wherever you live, you will be close to manyPuerto Rico's most popular activities(and people to do them with).

That saidsmaller towns like Utuado or Rinconoffer unique, budget-friendly options such asroom in the coffeegoodsorfamily run inns. Staying in places like these makes it easy to meet uplocals and fellow travellers.

#2. What type of accommodation do you want?

Puerto Rico is safe to visit, so don'thavestaying at familiar, big-name hotels (all-inclusive packages mean fewer opportunities to meet locals orExperience authentic Puerto Rican culture).

That is, these hotelsAgainexist if that's your jam!

• Locals suggestcheck inparadore, quaint family-owned inns where you can stay for $90-$185 a night (pretty good forPrices Puerto Rico).

Getting around Puerto Rico on your own is easy

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Once you know the ins and outs of transportation on the island, it becomes really easy to find incredibleThings to do in Puerto Ricoat any price.Here's what you should know:

Rental cars typically cost between $10 and $14 per day-completely doable for solo touring around Puerto Rico. Bookings can be made easily and inexpensively without renting oneTravel agency for Puerto Rico. Locals also note that Puerto Rico is fairly small; A drive across Puerto Rico takes about 2 hours. All you need is a US driver's license and you're good to go.

Public shuttles and taxis are also safe to use, averaging just $5 to $15 per trip.

Ferries go to the outer islands of Puerto Rico like Vieques and Culebra for around $2 each way. Ferry schedules vary depending on the date and weatherbenefit from on-site advice. Our trip planners can help you provide itcurrent ferry information.

Flights from San Juan to Vieques cost on average $175and can reduce your travel time by 25-30 minutes. Just remember that sBecause Puerto Rico is about the same size as Connecticut, renting a car is a lot cheaper than flying cross-country. However, if you are traveling to the outer islands of Puerto Rico and don't want to take a ferry, flights are the best option.

Premises Tip:At the moment,Overis available in San Juan and plans to expand to other Puerto Rican cities soon. Until then, use aStep-by-step guide to travel to Puerto Ricoto discover cheaper ways to explore the island.

Eating alone in Puerto Rico is a no-brainer (ba-dum)

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Want great meals but don't have someone to split the bill with? Fear not — locals say eating out in Puerto Rico won't break the bank.

Avoid paying more in high-traffic areas-Males tend to be the most expensivePuerto Rico's most popular tourist attractions. So,Save money with local insights- Our travel planners tell us that Condado, a luxury neighborhood in San Juan, is home to five-star restaurants and $10 ice cream cones. You can get the same (if not better) flavors in San Juan neighborhoods like Santurce, home to the Miramar Food Truck Park and $2 tacos.

Street food is safe to eatand full of flavor. Locals suggest trying locally popular spots such asThe piglet route("The Pork Highway"), a 3-mile stretch of highway in central Puerto Rico known for its delicious (and super cheap) BBQ.

Puerto Rico's bakeries are one of the island's best-kept secrets. Locals say you can get freshly baked breads, pastries, and sandwiches for under $3. They recommend visitorsTrip to San JuanOnlyfor the sweet bread of the Jose Enrique bakery.

Distillery and brewery tours often include free drinks- much better than expensive drinks at the bar. For example a tour of the Bacardi Rum Distillery, one of themPuerto Rico Top-Ausflüge, includes two free drinks.

LocalTop:If you go to La Ruta Lechon, be sure to visit itthe Charco Azul swimming hole. One ofcoolest things to do in all of Puerto Rico.

Solo sightseeing in Puerto Rico is easy and safe with just a little information

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The best way to stay safe while sightseeing? Do your homeworkBeforeOfTrip to Puerto Rico. By staying up to datePuerto Rico tourism updatesknow exactly what to expect when it comes to important information like hurricane season.Here are the PR safety tips you should know:

Puerto Rico is part of the United States, so American solo travelers should employ the same safety standards as at home. (Memory:Americans traveling to Puerto Rico don't even need passports.)

Many Puerto Ricans speak at least basic English, knowledge of Spanish is not requiredmove safely in Puerto Rico. However, having a small list of common Spanish phrases or using language apps can help you feel more comfortable.Our travel planners can help you with that.

Solo travelers can safely go out at night. Puerto Ricans typically have a "never-met-a-stranger" mentality, which makes finding dance partners and drinking buddies easy. OnlyUse the same precautionsas you would anywhere else - don't accept a drink unless you've seen it being prepared, stay close to the crowd and know your way home.

PR's emergency number is 911, just like the US mainland.

Keep up to date.Make sure noTravel Advice for Puerto Ricocome from reliable sources such as B. Local government agencies orLocals from Puerto Ricoitself. Working with a local to plan your trip makes it easy to learn about common scams, hurricane patterns, and general safety knowledge such as: B. which places to avoid after dark.

Here are some tips for women traveling alone

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Puerto Rico is safefor solo female travelers to visit, especially if you have a little travel know-how andKeep these tips in mind:

Find out which cities and towns are the most welcomingto female solo travellers. Many ofour travel planners in Puerto Rico are women– you can rRecommend family run hotels or local accommodation that are safe and authentic.

Cat-calling is best ignored. Overall, cat calling in Puerto Rico is no worse than anywhere else in the US mainland.

Avoid theft bycarrying shoulder bags, carrying minimal cash, and wearing minimal jewelry.

• Do not accept drinks or food from strangers. In other words, use the same precautions as you would at home.

Knowing how to dress for certain attractions. Locals note that ssome ofPuerto Rico's must-see places(like churches or restaurants) generally require attendees to dress up.


Ready for your solo adventure to Puerto Rico?Work with a localto simplify your travel planning. And for more about traveling to Puerto Rico:

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