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Sometimes more is more. Even more. That's the case with these over-the-top luxury villas. Whether they have their own island playgrounds, protected nature reserves, or are part of larger resorts, they all have certain things in common: lots of space, stunning design, toys galore, dedicated A-Team staff, and of course, a privacy that's just great. (All-inclusive rates are per week for a full house during peak season, excluding holiday periods, and do not include taxes.)

About Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Once a remote fishing outpost, the private island ofAbout Yonder Cayhas been transformed into an eco-conscious barefoot luxury enclave. (It's powered by wind turbines and a solar array, and collects some of its own drinking and irrigation water.) The four uniquely designed villas, each with hot tubs and some with infinity pools, have 15 bedrooms. But sleeping would miss all the fun. A weekly rental includes massages, yoga classes, cinema screenings, golf on a nine-hole course, kite and windsurfing, excursions on 19- and 29-foot crewed sailboats and a 48-foot Merritt crewed fishing boat, scuba diving and snorkeling and a day's sailing on the 114-foot superyachtTough. Inquire throughVillas and apartments abroad.$730,000 for up to 28 people

About Yonder Cay

Ol Jogi, Kenya

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The Wildenstein familyprivate Ranchin Kenya is undeniably exquisite, full of sumptuous Hermès linens, Buccellati silver polished to perfection, crystal-stemmed armoires and luxurious accents galore in the seven cottage suites. And it sits on 58,000 privately owned protected areas, which means the wildlife is truly enchanting: incredible density and diversity, including about 50 of the 790 black rhinos that remain in East Africa thanks to Ol Jogi's (as of 2014). arduous conservation efforts - all rental profits go towards their support. $229,600 for 14 people

Ol Jogi

Hilltop Estate, Laucala Island, Fiji

Atop the South Pacific's most luxurious private island resort, Laucala'sHilltop Estateexists as its own secluded enclave - a "resort within the resort" where you will see no one other than your personal chef, nanny and chauffeur who will take you around the 3,500-acre island for golfing, horseback riding, deep sea fishing or scuba diving. Like Laucala's 24 smaller villas, this one is filled with natural materials and designed as a glamorous example of traditional Fijian dwellings - one whose approximately 131,000 square feet contain three bedrooms as well as gardens and two outdoor swimming pools - and it has some of the best panoramic views anywhere the archipelago. $315,000 for six people

Hilltop Estate

Villa Jane, Aspen

A beautifully designed castle high up in theColorado Rockies,this mansionis not an easy jane. Massive windows overlook the mountainous landscape, and eye-catching artwork hangs on the walls. In addition to the six spacious bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the home features an indoor pool with gorgeous views, a remarkable wine cellar, three bars, a fully equipped gym, a grand piano, a pool table, a sophisticated recreation room, and a huge outdoor patio, and is elegant through and through. Talk about après-ski in style. $347,900 for 12 people

Villa Jane

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Musha Cay, Bahamas

Illusionist David Copperfield likes to say he creates miracles in business, andhis private islandin the Exumas (actually 11 islands, only one of which is built on) is downright wonderful. It's a theatrical, grown-up fantasy land with manicured landscapes dotted with tropical flowers, a menagerie of exotic birds and animals - the squirrel monkeys are trained to draw guest portraits - water toys and boats galore, a two-story cinema screen on the beach, and much more Houdini's pool table in the Playroom. The five houses are Bahamian bright on the outside but tastefully filled with lush plants and Balinese treasures on the inside. The staff is tremendous, and for an additional fee, professional magicians are flown in to help with a treasure hunt. $273,000 for up to 12 people (although it sleeps 24 – for $399,000)

Musha Cay

Villa La Cassinella, Italy

live likeGeorge Clooneyfor a week in this 19th-century mansion, the pinnacle of luxury on Lake Como. Accessible only by boatVilla CassinellaSharing the edge of the Lavedo Peninsula with another villa, it is secluded without being isolated - the town of Lenno and many nearby villages are a short drive from the dock at Campo di Lenno. Seven of the bedrooms are in the main house and a further two are in a nearby townhouse which is decorated with Italian furniture and antiques as well as beautiful artwork and treasures from across Europe. Amenities include a floodlit tennis court, heated infinity pool with 22k gold tile, exercise facility, seven acres of gardens with magnificent cypress trees and a private motorboat on call. $188,000 for up to 17 guests

Villa Cassinella

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Sandclub, St. Barth

Exclusively for local agency Sibarth Bespoke Villa Rentals, whose bookings come with first class concierge services,Sandclubis the most expensive holiday villa on the island. Unlike most properties in St Barth, the Sand Club earns its name because it's right on the beach - no shoes required to walk from your bedroom to Flamands Bay. (There's also a pool, if that's what you prefer.) Six bedrooms are spread across the main house and separate pavilions, and all have proper sea views. (Two of the rooms are best suited for children or nannies, or they can be made up as living rooms instead.) $150,000 (accommodation only) for up to 12 people


Straffan House, Ireland

A 34,000 square meter private residence on the site of the Kildare Hotel & Country Club (home of the Ryder Cup) newly builtHouse Straffanwas designed as a grand French château modeled on a wealthy 19th-century winemaker's Kildare estate (which is now the hotel at the K Club) and is filled with original works by well-known Irish artists. Huge windows overlook manicured patios, and the graceful reception rooms are designed for entertaining. In keeping with its history, Straffan House has its own wine cellar, as well as a pool, spa, gym and games room. There are eight guest bedrooms spread over the top two floors plus two further bedrooms, formerly the servants' quarters, on the lower level. Rates include golf at two championship courses and use of all hotel facilities and activities. $182,000 for up to 20 people

House Straffan

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

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HerrRichard Bransons favorite hideout, he says, among the seven he rents out to paying guestsNecker Islandwas rebuilt better than ever after a fire five years ago. The large Balinese home features spacious rooms, wide-angle views of the Caribbean and Atlantic, eight bedrooms, a master suite and a bunk room that sleeps up to six children. Six Balinese houses, each for two guests, are scattered around the 74-acre private island, and couples can sleep (or so) in the Temple House and Love Temple. 100 employees take care of everything from cooking elaborate feasts to kite surfing or scuba diving. The price includes the services of a DJ for one night, but Branson says the party never stops — there's a reason Necker Island is popular with rock stars and royalty. Inquire throughIn der Villa Veritas$546,000 for up to 34 people

Necker Island

Villa Titanium, Ibiza

Designed by celebrity and nightlife impresario Cathy Guetta, Villa Titanium aims to be as precious and glittering as its metal namesake. (It's also the name of a song by her ex-husband, DJ David Guetta.) While the 12 bedrooms are private and peaceful, the home exudes after-hours glamor with neon artwork, stylized Gamine portraits, and a Tom Dixon pendant light and of course a DJ booth in the lounge area. It is also ten minutes from the beaches of Las Salinas and a stone's throw from the center of Ibiza. It has 24 employees (including four tending the ovens in the professional kitchen) and a true wellness component, with four tents for yoga, meditation, or massage, and a beautiful spa with an eight-person mosaic-tiled hammam. Inquire throughAvenue property; $279,000 for up to 24 people

Villa Titan

Strandvilla, Barbados

Toys that come with the new contemporary-style Beach Mansion include a 45-foot, 15-passenger, driver Wally speedboat for exploring the coast, snorkeling or diving, or picnicking on a secluded beach. Two with a driverAudiQ7s are also available if you prefer to drive overland. There are six bedrooms in the main house where glass walls in the living and sleeping areas offer stunning sea views and can be folded back to let in the island breezes. (Three additional bedrooms in a separate guest house can be rented for an additional fee.) An oceanfront dining pavilion seats 20, and lunch can be served in the pool -- one of the beauties of a villa vacation is that no one will tell you what is to do. Inquire throughVillas and apartments abroad; $350,000 for up to 12 guests

Villa am Strand

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