Why not invest in a Hilton Grand Vacations Max membership? (2023)

Why not invest in a Hilton Grand Vacations Max membership? (1)

If you are invested in the world ofvacation property, you are most likely familiar withHilton Grand vacation(truck). Alisted companyseparate from theHilton-HotelsPursue,Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. describes itself as a top tierTimesharingprovider withpropertyworldwide.

As with mosttimeshare company,truckoffers many different types of memberships. This includes the standardHilton Grand Vacations Clubmembership along with its latest offering,Hilton Grand vacationMaximal (truckMaximum).

So what exactly isHilton Grand vacationMax, and why would anyone care about upgrading to this new onemembership level? Does it really come with me?perksthis streamclub membersjust don't miss it? Or is it just a smart way to get members to spend even more money for little benefit? Let's dive into the details of theTruck Max programand determine the worthiness of his offerings.

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What isHilton Grand vacationMaxi?

if you are oneHilton timeshare owner, you probably know thatHilton Grand Vacations Clubhas multiple membership tiers, each with moreperksthan the last. Within this tiered membership system, you are grantedClubPoints, which are used to book vacation stays.

So why add another one when this rather complicated multi-tier membership already exists? What additional benefits does it bring?Truck Max programOfferclub membersthat you can't already get? The answer comes fromTakeover by the truckanother celebritytimeshare company,Diamant-ResortsInternational.

CorrespondingCEO von Hilton Grand Vacations Marcus WangThis merger gained the company 380,000 new owners in the form ofDiamant-Resorts timeshare owner. As a result, the combined inventory of the twoTimesharingProviders jumped to 140 resorts, offering a wide range of vacation destinations forOwner of Hilton Grand Vacationsto enjoy.

Hilton Grand vacationSo Max was developed out of the need to integrateDiamant-ResortsProperties in their current catalog of accommodation options. existingtruck timeshare ownercan become Max members by upgrading their membership, while new owners are automatically enrolled in the program.

Once you become a Max member, here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • access to bothHilton Grand vacationandDiamant-ResortsCharacteristics
  • Ability to exchange points withtruckholiday exchange partner
  • Using points to book travel experiences such as cruises and guided tours
  • Ability to transfer current year's points and borrow from next year's points
  • Annually freeGuest Certificates
  • Up to 10% booking discount atHilton-Hotels
  • ability to convertClubPointstoHilton Honors Points
  • Given Hilton HonorsDiamantstatuswith thetruckMaxPremier+ orCentum+ level

And what about the existing Diamondtimeshare owner? SinceDiamant-Resortswas bought bytruck, all of its properties are renamed toHilton Vacation ClubCharacteristics. Taking “Grand” out of the title means these properties are considered a lower-tier option.

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That's what makes it soDiamant-ResortMembers must upgrade totruckMax to access Premiumtruckproperties or left with the dregs of their current inventory.

All of thetruckMaximum Membershipperksare onlytruckway to attract their current and new customersDiamant-Resortscustomers to increase their already expensive onesTimesharingCosts. They want you to believe that a Max membership is like combining the bestDiamant-ResortsandHilton Grand Vacations Clubhave to offer. But just like every deal in theTimesharingindustry, nothing is as good as it seems.

isHilton Grand vacationmaxIts worth it?

Why not invest in a Hilton Grand Vacations Max membership? (2)

Although thisnew membership programprovides access to bothDiamant-ResortsandHilton Grand Vacations properties, it is a worthwhile investment for electricitytruckmembers?

To find out, let's look at the numbers. If you want to upgrade your current membership to Max, the cost is quite high. Thatadmission feecosts $7,000 — much more expensive than mostTimesharingon theresale market. This fee simply gives you the ability to book vacationsDiamant-ResortsCharacteristics. You must also pay a $450 membership change fee and a $199 "activation" fee to complete your membership.

The inconvenience of upgrading totruckMax doesn't stop at these inflated fees. The booking system is also not as convenient as it should be.Hilton Grand vacationinsistsMaximum Membershave "exclusivebooking window' which offer 'priority access to accommodation'.

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But in realityHilton Grand vacationMembers convert totruckMax can only book six months in advance. So until your timebooking windowcome around, people who ownTimesharingwithDiamant-Resortshave already made the first choice in which facility they want to book their vacation and when.

What does that mean fortruckCustomers who use their points to stay at aDiamant-Resortfor their annual summer trip toHawaii? This means that by the time your booking opportunity finally arrives, all of the best spots and most popular weeks are availableDiamant-ResortsProperties will probably not be available.

They will be lucky if they can book a stay at a smaller resort inMyrtle Beachor hinterlandNew York. Needless to say, upgrading to a Max membership doesn't guarantee you'll find oneDiamant-ResortsStay tailored to where and when you want to vacation.

Another overwhelming benefit of becoming oneHGV Max memberis that thatDiamant-ResortsProperties you have access to now aren't nearly as nice astrucks properties. DuringHilton Grand vacationis praised as upscaletimeshare company,Diamant-Resortsis considered the lower class. The amenities and resorts themselves are significantly inferior to the luxury leveltruckMembers are used to it. While their properties are by no means derelict or uninhabitable,Diamant-Resortsare definitely a budget version oftruckthe luxury accommodation options of .

The quality differences between these twoTimesharingVendors can be exemplified by sorting by aTimesharingresale list. A quick look at the properties of both companies will show you thattruck Timesharingare significantly more expensive thanDiamant-Resorts. You will see countlessHilton Grand vacationResales starting in the mid-thousands while manyDiamant-ResortsResales can be found for less than $500.

However, you can also find resales from both companies listed for little to no money. These are fromtimeshare ownerwho are so financially drained by their vendors that they will do anything to get the property out of their hands. Unfortunately, this situation isn't that uncommon, and it might be one you find yourself in if you're being tricked into paying thousands for a Grand Vacations Max membership.

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Get out of yourstrucktotal club membership

Why not invest in a Hilton Grand Vacations Max membership? (3)

Hilton Grand vacationwants you to feel like you're opening up a whole new world of possibilities by purchasing a Max membership. However, these opportunities can be offered at smaller resorts for a higher membership fee. But at least you have more options, right? If you ask us, these options are notits worth it.

The wayHilton Grand vacationThe design of this new program may actually reflect their desire to push Diamond members to upgrade to onetruckmaxmembership level. It can also be a way for them to persuade the streamMembers of the Hilton Grand Vacations Clubthat although their existing benefits are already abundant andmaintenance feesare already high, the initiation and activation costs worth thousands of dollars are totalits worth itHaving access to a whole new catalog of lesser attributes.

If you have already been tricked into buyingHilton Grand vacation Timesharingand are tired of being bothered to give them even more money in the form of membership fees,Centerstone Groupyour ticket may be out.

We are a full service advocacy group working with victims of theTimesharingindustry to sever their contracts and give them back a life of financial stability. If you have been a victim of fraud, high-pressure sales tactics, or misrepresentation,Contact Centerstone Groupand see ifTimesharingCancellation is an option for you.


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